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  1. part of the german manufacturer
  2. thx menthos, my new funk2 just arrived, next week i hope to fly it
  3. my experience with squirrel: ordered my funk2 on march 7th. delivered on april 13th (incl. shipping with fedex to germany) emails were answered very friendly, immediate or max after 6h in my case very professional order process and payment changes of the order and of some measurements : no problem really happy with that
  4. thx for posting your first impression. i have to wait a few weeks for the delivery of my funk2 but i am really curious.
  5. thanks for your advice birdynamnam! we pm`ed in december, do you remember? i already talk to squirrel now and also to rob. my measurement is over, the funk 2 is in order status and in the next days, i will order one. i think my decision is fine and i will be happy. thx for your support
  6. What is your reason to get a bigger wingsuit? At 90 jumps there is probably still a lot you can learn in a smaller suit. yes you are right,but thats not my question. i ever rented or borrowed one, its not only for going bigger, its: i`d like to have an own ws and there is green light from my ws coach
  7. hey guys, who would share his experience with the new funk 2. i like to buy one, as an intermediate skydive wingsuit (90 WS jumps, mostly ibird) to progress. think the freak ist to early. thanks in advance ! skyline
  8. Nice! The same first quick look for the FUNK2 please! :-)
  9. i`d like to buy a silver (lightgrey), blue (zipper,stiching) funk from squirrel! could you help me too and upload fotos of an silver wingsuit or pm me this fotos too thx for support there is really no foto of a silver colored squirrel suit in the internet
  10. Use an Alti N3 with Paralog and for Wingsuiting Wintec 202 GPS on a helmet also with Paralog.Works.
  11. Paralog by Klaus Rheinwald For further Infos look at the Alti 2 Website
  12. Paralog 7.2 After Paralog 7 brought the web service on Paralog 7.2 now adds GPS support for the Recon HUD.