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  1. We may need an extra hand with video, so you should talk to Packing Cathy at 912 322 7282.
  2. Only a month away, get your boogie shoes out and get ready. Its gonna be a blast.
  3. All of the Fitz Boyz will be there with bells on ! Bill Lesman Big Al CSpenceFLY Debbie Brock DittoDog Keith Brock Jack Donovan Jaclyn Kaylor Justin Collins Larry Moore Mirage62 PsychoBob RoundCanopy (Bruce) Slimcurly and Gina tmaricle55
  4. I know that I will be there, because we need a logged state record with U.S.P.A. to make it official. The boys and girls did it in Monroe, but it wasnt official. Lets make it official. Get off your butts, and lets do this !!!
  5. HaHa !! All of us locals loved the chickens on the T-shirts . We do have a wild chicken festival this weekend and we do have alot of wild chickens running around Fitzgerald, and they are freakin beautiful birds. I would like to thank, Whittley, Big Al, Psycho Bob, Justin, Dameon, Vick, Spence and Julie, and Skydive the farm, The Jumping Place, The roaming, the Fitz Fire Dept, the city of fitz, and everyone who helped keep the place clean. Thank you Scotty, and Tammi for feeding me. Last but not least, THANK YOU DANNY DAN, you are a inspiration, and a big help. Thank everyone for coming, and for everyones help. We Love Yall !!! Goodnight ...
  6. Youre damn right !! We use parachutes to save our lives, not to kill ourselves. There is plenty of room at this airport to land on. The swoopers can have a designated landing site as well as non swoopers. We shouldnt have any problem as long as everyone follows the correct procedures . Blue Skies
  7. LETS DO THIS THANG !!!! I think we can get the jumpers we need for at least a 70 way . I know 10 jumpers that have already said they would love to be on a record. They are all highly qualified individuals also. E.F.S.
  8. Boys, and Girls, we will be helping Spence keep things under control. So lets be nice, and we will have a very nice place to Skydive. We can have fun too but we have to take care of our place, or we wont have no place !!! E.F.S.
  9. I would like to see a recorded GA state record, so im sure you could fly the plane at least 4 times just with the record attempts. Unless its nailed on the first jump, HAHAHA ! Give it some thought .
  10. This is a fact, I enjoy hangin round the fire with a bunch of skydivers . The party will take care of itself . SPENCE !!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!! Keep the dream alive.