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  1. Need a place for about 2 weeks. Would be a few of us.
  2. Any body know of any houses to rent in traveling distance of the DZ. Thanks in advance
  3. hi Allan, how new?? im only just starting ut awsome or what..
  4. Good Question, watched it on tv in the past and near my work is Langar UK so often just sat and watched and think how awsome it would be. I got a tandem for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and well from the minute i touched down i just cant wait to get back up. what a awsome feeling.
  5. Hi Sorry for late reply, Im training at Langar UK. Cant wait really, all i seem to be thinking about lately
  6. Hi guys & gals, new to here and to sky diving. just about to start AFF and thought i would check out here,