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  1. diablopilot

    BN2A Islander for Skydive operation?

    I seem to remember a UK DZ operating one a while back, I'd say the biggest reason Stateside it the relative obscurity of the aircraft here...
  2. diablopilot

    Best thing you've ever seen a student do....

    Best thing I've seen a student do? Get right back on the horse after failing a level/having a malfunction.
  3. diablopilot

    Salton Sea Drop

    What kind of experience do you have? The short list is: Find someone with an appropriate aircraft that will rent it out, expect to pay for the travel there and back plus pilot's fees, but assume that it's likely that it won't be legal for you to ride there in the aircraft unless the original seats are reinstalled. Obtain land owner permission for your landing site. File a NOTAM (or have your pilot do it for the operation at least an hour prior, but no more than 24 hours prior.) Jump. Don't die.
  4. diablopilot

    Custom made container too big

    Contact the person/company that ordered it for you, then the manufacturer.
  5. I wanna know which state was taxing freefall. I'll bet they are gonna try a breathing tax next.
  6. diablopilot

    skydive spaceland otter question...

    Desert Sands, the company that owns Spaceland's aircraft leases them out to other DZ's who do not have aircraft of their own. You've got to do SOMETHING with 9 airplanes....
  7. diablopilot

    50% off Tandems = 50% off TI pay?

    No. I'm a contractor who's paid to do a job. My going rate has a minimum.
  8. If you think the plane is badass, wait till you meet the pilot!
  9. diablopilot

    Your most remembered tandem

    http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3299249;search_string=gary%20tandem%20static%20elsinore%20daughter;#3299249 As an aside, Blues Skies, Gary, and Harry......
  10. diablopilot

    Suit alterations in southern CA

    Used to be a lady out there named Shirley. Last name might be Pelland? Ran a company called Pineapple Express? She did good work.....
  11. diablopilot

    How long should my rig stay packed?

    You probably should know the answer to this, how long can your reserve stay packed?
  12. diablopilot

    Dumping in a track?

    Only if you don't want an increased chance of malfunctions, or hard opening resulting in injury. Other than that, go for it.
  13. diablopilot

    Raven Reserves

    No reason not to own one, just understand the limitations. They were designed in the 80's and 90's and are not designed to handle high speed deployments or high wingloadings.
  14. diablopilot

    Bad start for 2012

    In all honesty seems like about every other year that I've been in the sport.
  15. diablopilot

    Own your own jumpship?

    My consultant's fee is $40,000 per year. Plus Jumps.