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  1. You know, the back lines did shrink a little. Not much. Probably a good idea! Thanks
  2. Hi, all. I'm thinking about selling my rig, but before I take that final step, I wanted some opinions from more experienced jumpers. I have a Mirage G4 with a Sabre2 190. I got it used with ~500 jumps on it and sized for someone else. I'm 6'1" at 230, currently. I was about 20 lbs lighter when I bought it (so say 210), fresh off military duty. Some of that weight gain is muscle, some is fat (sigh). I'm just a heavy guy even when at low body fat. The rig fits pretty well, though it's a little snug in the shoulders/chest area. Problem is I have a chronic shoulder injury now. Nothing serious, just inflamation that pops up when strained. The Sabre has been opening hard since I got it. Even with an experienced rigger packing it with this in mind, I get about half good and half hard openings. Hard openings are killing my shoulder. So, does anyone think that a rig with looser shoulder straps and a larger main would open gentler? I tried a Javelin Odyssey, which fit better, though the leg straps turned into a g-string on opening (odd, because they have thick pads, but the straps jam up into the groin while the pads are pushed aside). lol, I feel like I can either save my shoulder or save my groin. I do have a faster than average fall rate, so even when spread out prior to opening, I'm not as slow as most people can get. Appreciate any advice.
  3. Can you still use the waterproof case with that?
  4. Hi all. Anyone try the Sunex lens mod on their GoPro? I'm looking at ways to reduce the fisheye, though this one seems to have no fisheye effect, and might not be suitable. Just wondering what's out there.
  5. I'll see if I can get my Sabre2 to work, I jumped rented rigs with Sabre2 230's, and they opened like the snivel-god was personally hooking me up. I'd actually look up at the chute and cuss at it, yelling at it to hurry up and open fully. Thanks everyone for the ideas. Anyone care to explain "pocket slider"? My only experience with that is it's a detachable slider that goes in your pocket, lol. Again, I really appreciate the help. My doctor is bitching me out about jumping with my shoulder, and I'm nearing the end of steroid and anti-inflammatory shots he's willing to try before surgery.
  6. Hi all. Got a 190, but that was after the military, and I've... gained some weight. Wish I could say all in my crotch, lol. 190 works fine flight wise, but I'm wondering if a 210 would open slower/smoother? (both are sabre2) Have a shoulder injury that is antagonized by rough openings. I try to get a good rigger to put snivel in, but I get rough openings at least once a day. And, if I do upsize, is there any way to tell if it would fit in my current container? Been told that the only way is to let a packer try to jam it in there.
  7. Really? I really didn't like the movie, because it came off as cheesy. My whole family is military, and we all saw it together. Nobody liked it. I felt like I could see Comrade Commisar "Public Relations Officer" dicking up the movie from must off camera. You know "Wait wait! Make the guy get out of the truck and pop off a wild RPG at the chopper before the door gunner lights him up! Otherwise it's breaking ROEs and makes us look bad!" They showed off their assets, which was pretty cool, but they didn't work it in well. It was obvious at the time that "this chopper with a door gun" was brought in just to show it off, not because it was necessary (if you'll remember, the SEALs held fire, basically letting the truck drive away). Things like that. Then the stilted lines to show the "bond". I want to feel the bond in small things, like a good book does. Not have a character turn and say "We're really bonded, Mike." Anyway, just me 2 cents. I guess I felt like the SEALs deserved more in a movie. Not a script written by amateurs and censored by a PR officers. It should have been Saving Private Ryan epic level.
  9. Dude, this is like someone yelling "fire!" in a crowded building, and people stopping to argue over the proper way to spread the word, lol.
  10. Might be a crummy title, lol. Trying to find some free vids on how to perform basic maneuvers. I *used* to feel confident about my basic belly skills, but after going to Paraclete tunnel, I learned I suck The guy there was showing me that a good body turn involves a fast, hard knee. He was super precise, so I don't question if it works, but it went against what I learned.
  11. My job requires thick skin that would make an M1A1 tank flinch. But watching the way some people at the DZ treat others is deserving of a blanket party. They can tell me why I suck and they're great all day long, but it really pisses me off to watch a nervous newbie trying to fit in and stay out of the way get chewed out for crossing paths of the local skygod. Just had to vent. Some awesome people out there, but I hate that the few dickfaces try to ruin it for all.
  12. I used double sided sticky pad, but it's fading and the audible keeps falling out. I'm trying not to deface the screen part, so I can still see it. I have a cheapo helmet that I like, that doesn't have a pouch, just a space in the padding for an audible to go. Wonder if I can glue a pouch or something in there?
  13. Hey all, have a work buddy going to Hawaii with his wife. They want to do a 1st time jump. I helped him look up a few places, but checking if there are any coupons, specials, etc. to save him money. The price tag for jump + DVD is pretty high, he's not sure if he can afford it.
  14. Thanks, m8. The 90 degree SEEMS like it would be a good learning start. I was having hell trying to keep my heels under my butt, anyway :) Ok, here's another question: turning. I've been told to angle my leg, lower my leg, hook my leg further out from the hip. Now, I realize they all WORK, but I'm looking for the simplest way, and going to have to stick to my guns with the coaches. My last 2 coached jumps were working on a straight back, while the coach before that wanted a pushed-forward chest with shoulders back. Wish I could get the same coach everytime, but you know how it is, they're either off, at an event, etc. Probably like learning belly flying. Lots of different pointers, sometimes confusing, but after enough jumps trying, it comes out in the wash. Thanks for the advice all (except the trolls, nobody loves you, lol) :)
  15. Don't be a troll, m8. Anyway, no I'm a stable sitflier, but I went thru a couple of coaches, just got a high end coach recently that set me to working on feet under butt as a rule. He left, now back with another jumper, who is not wanting to move forward until I get the "chair" position perfect. Then my other buddy is a "you need to be standing straight up and down" (I'm guessing this isn't great advice, but he probably has a plan or progression in mind) On the good side, I can sitfly stable in about 3 different positions now, no corking for this cat :) Just want to move forward, tired of going back to the drawing board. Not pointing fingers at any coaches, but it would interesting if someone developed different styles for different body types to learn on. I'm dense as a brick and fall fast, I'd be interested in a slower style, while a skinny person would prefer a faster. Oh well, not a biggie. I'm still jumping out of a plane
  16. Man, I get vastly different advice from every coach and freeflier. Makes it a bitch to improve. Feet under, feet out front, stand up, hunch more, arms at 90 degrees, arms straight out, arms behind you, feet behind your head, etc. lol, I'll be a master of all forms by time I get comfortable
  17. Little tough to get alti on, because it's so snug, but that's a good thing once you get it on. Several jumps so far, love it. It's comfortably loose on my wrist, but doesn't move an inch. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Wish I had this years ago. Tell me if they stop making these, I'm buying 3 extras
  18. Got it, this thing is perfect! Very sturdy too, love it, thanks again
  19. Besides Sorz and the bug-eye ones, what other options are out there? My Sorz just broke.
  20. I got handed a Blue Skies mag the other day at the DZ when looking for something to write on real quick. Days later, I notice it again and flip through it. I really dig that mag, but it makes me question why I get the literary journal-like Parachutist. I slog through it, looking for something interesting. Maybe a good pic or two, usually boring, wooden articles and pieces. An incident report section that doesn't give me any decent info. They never go back and fill in the blanks on why an incident happened. Most are recent, and so are uninformative and rambling about "the rules state". The "watch out for" part is good, though. These forums are better with incidents, in fact. I sometimes get a clue as to what happened and why, so I can think about avoiding it. Reading "It is unknown why he/she did not pull, but USPA rules state that you must pull..", "not hitting the ground is important..", "USPA rules state that pulling before hitting the ground is mandatory", etc for nearly a full page is crap in the Parachutist. Basically, I don't like the parachutist. I do like Blue Skies. Are there any other mags out there? I wish my USPA membership let me pick which mag I got.
  21. In the computer manuals, it says, "If problem persists, consult maker". Surprisingly, burning a sheep on the keyboard while waving an olive branch didn't help. I don't know why they put that in the manual. LOL!
  22. Need opinions... Just got a brand new suit that costs quite a bit, high end. The extra leg pocket I paid for comes open every single jump. It inflates, and pulls the zipper open from the inside. At first it just bugged me, I can pay someone to put a snap on it. But after my friends got me riled up over how much I paid for this thing, I'm kinda pissed off now. What do you gravity fiends think? No big deal or WTF, over?!?!
  23. Anyone have any ideas/rigs for an altimeter? Have a wristwatch style band, but my new FF suit sleeve billows over half of it, covering. The standard wrist and finger setup hurts like hell to me. The rubber finger ring is awfully painful. I do have big hands and wrists, which may be the reason. Any other ideas? I gotta move it forward onto my hand again, but can't bear to have that rubber ring cutting my fingers.