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  1. Skydive Arizona is awesome, great DZ. Multiple planes, and balloon jumps available. Wind Tunnel on site with great coaches. Friendly DZ but so big you can get lost in the wash. Sometimes hard to get into the mix of fun jumpers because there are so many teams but nevertheless people are friendly. Many times I have gotten extra altitude best DZ ever. I love Eloy and SDA skydive Arizona.
  2. I recently visited a number of DZ's of the past two weeks. After seeing how other Drop Zones are run I appreciate skydive dallas so much more. First off they foster a family environment, they care thats why they make suggestions regarding personal safety of everyone at the DZ. Every DZ let alone businesses concern is to make money but Skydive dallas provides top notch aircraft, service and gear for both fun jumpers and tandems. If they day is busy and loads are full they dedicate their otter for fun jumpers and a caravan for tandems. Most tandem factories only concern themselves with the tandems. They have a cafe on site, showers, bunks and a trailer park. The staff lives on site so if there is a weather hold it's usually temporary and the staff is never far away. There is no AC in the packing area but considering the amount of space they provide it would cost more than 25 per fun jump if they had AC for the packing area. So suck it up. Plenty of landing areas for all levels of canopy flight. All and all its a great place to jump and is geared for all disciplines of skydiving. I love SKy Dive Dallas, in my mind its up there with Eloy, Perris and many other top Skydive facilities in the U.S
  3. So I visited Skydive Georgia or the Atlanta Skydive Center this weekend. It is a tandem factory, they issue no helmets or jumpsuits to there tandem students. Poor briefing before and after the jumps. Fun jumpers beware save your money and go to another drop zone. Very few fun jumpers, small King Air planes, so if you plan to do solos you'll be fine but good luck doing more than a 3 way. The staff was nice to the license skydivers and most customers but those with valid complaints were cast off as if they were lepers. If you want to sting a tandem be prepared to have a D license. All in all i have visited much better drop zones both for the tandems and fun jumpers.