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  1. 1433hrs in the airplanes 98 sailplane flights 2 skydives Looking to get into powered paragliding and hot air balloons in the future. *Working as a pilot:) Aviation is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.
  2. I would do a jump or two and then either fly jumpers or just relax for awhile and head back home. Thanks guys for all of your help!
  3. So I've been in aviation for about 10 years now. Flying gliders and working as a flight instructor...naturally I'm also interested in skydiving. Back on 7/7/7 I did my first S/L job and that was purely awesome. Than a year ago I did tandem and ...let's I'm more of a do it yourself guy. Now, I'm thinking of getting into skydiving however...with my other aviation hobbies plus bunch of other stuff, I don't think I will be able to jump more than once every few weeks. How many jumps do you think it takes to stay current (read: safe). As far as skydiving goes, I'm more interested in hops and pops, high openings and canopy rides, jumping with conservative canopies without downsizing etc... Let's see what you guys think of it... Blue skies
  4. I don't know about old school, but it sounds like you have a double standard, since you commented on the woman's lack of self respect but said nothing about the man! I don't have double standards-just not stating the obvious.
  5. Call me old school but this chick has really no respect to herself....people do really crazy stuff to get 5 minutes of fame...
  6. I did static line just as my first one. Landing was pretty easy.. have fun and be safe....
  7. Orvil had a string to see if he was coordinated not to see how fast he was going.... Turn coordinator (the inclonometer, small ball inside the tube, replaced that string...) Gliders are still using strings.....
  8. My vote for Sky Knights in East Troy, WI!!!
  9. Just remember that pilots can fly without jumpers but jumpers can't fly without pilots...! I know of one dropzone that had to cancel jumping on the weekends more than one time because of not having a pilot. Think twice!
  10. I hope I will get addicted and just start jumping...(however getting certified will have to wait for another year or so..)... I just love aviation and that's why I would love get into skydiving.
  11. Two years ago on 7/7/07...I did my first static line jump...what a great experience that was....(the only reason that I didn't get my license right after that was that I was still working on my pilot license and needed money for it). Now two years later I'm planning on doing a tandem jump. Why tandem? some point in my life (next summer or so) I'm thinking of getting licensed (AFF) so this might be the "only" opportunity for me to do a tandem jump.... blue sky and stay safe!!!
  12. I'm interested in becoming a parachute rigger and I'm looking for somebody who would like to teach me. I'm from Chicago area and I'm willing to drive. If there is anybody in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin willing me to teach. please let me know. Thanks to all.
  13. Rmarshal234, You are right. I want to become a rigger so I will have one more reason to hang out at the airport. I'm not expecting to make any money, however I asked in my original post about money because I wanted to know how much is to get a license and also how much repacks and other stuff is (just wanted to know) Thank you guys for your help,
  14. Glideangle, Thank you very much for your help. Are you a rigger? How do you like it?