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  1. How can be untrustworthy someone who will send with pleasure the money via Western Union to unknow man? Such guy has to be naive or has to trust you as no other, but if you hold cash 10 minutes after, you can not be scamed. I just want to want say: Western Union transaction is dangerous only for buyer not for seller. Anyway better way is to disable sellers without filled up profile.Sorry for my English Stan
  2. paul.countenay has new name Roberto Dancy. I'm sure it is same person. Here is part of our communication: Stan, So I understand that I was waiting your email for nothing. Couldn`t you tell me this from the begining ? I waited for your email all day. This is the main reason for not sending the rig first. Because many people change their mind after they say something. I will email you tomorrow night and if I still have the rig we will arrange a meeting in Bologna. But I am pretty sure that one of the other 2 clients I have left will make the payment by then. Talk to you tomorrow Roberto --- On Tue, 1/6/09, Stanislav Jedlicka wrote: From: Stanislav Jedlicka Subject: Re: Classifieds - Response to your Ad To: [email protected] Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 10:45 AM hi Roberto, I found transction via western union little bit risky, I can be at Bologna tomorow and pay you a cash. Blue Skies Stan ----- Original Message ----- From: Roberto Dancy To: [email protected] Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 10:55 AM Subject: Re: Classifieds - Response to your Ad Buon giorno Stan, Great ! So we have a deal. Just to confirm it all you will receive a 2004 Mirage G3/PD Spectre 230/PDR 210/Cypress2 all for 1300 euros. Here is my name and adress for the payment: Roberto Dancy Via Mondo 16, 40127 Bologna, Italy Now as soon as I receive from you the 10 digit number (MTCN) that western union money transfer gives you after you make the payment I will go to fedex and send the rig to the adress you gave me. I will email you the tracking number from fedex as soon as I get back home. Ciao fratello and waiting for your email with the mtcn # Roberto