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  1. Hey, I just came across this thread. If you are interested in selling your cutaway system, I would be willing to buy it off of you. If not, could you please provide the anchor, pin, and washer sizes as well as the cable length? I would like to try and recreate this system. Thanks!
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    Start Skydiving

    Start Skydiving is definitely a top-notch business. With its pristine facilities, well-kept, new equipment, world-class staff, and amazing atmosphere, you will be hard pressed to find a better location to enjoy a skydive with your friends, old and new. Everyone is so friendly and professional. It is a dropzone for all disciplines of all skill levels. There is always someone there looking to jump with you, whatever your discipline may be. Whether it be 4-way with members of Team Fastrax 4-way, or freeflying with our ever-growing number of excellent freefliers, or swooping with Team Fastrax Swoop! members, or CReW with Team Fastrax Demo members, you will always have the ability to learn something new and have an awesome time doing it. Whether you have yet to get in a plane, or have 10,000 jumps, Start Skydiving is the place for you. The AFF and Tandem Staff is incredible. Staff as a whole is amazingly professional. They are top-of-the-line and always wanting to make your visit a fun, exciting, and memorable one, always offering help, advice, encouragement, warnings, and compassion. If you are looking to get into the sport, or if you are looking to check out a new DZ with an amazing vibe, or if you are just wanting to hone in on your skill sets or create new ones, START SKYDIVING is the place for you! Start Skydiving is in the process of completing some of its facility improvements. You should definitely check out this DZ in '09. You will be impressed. Visit STARTSKYDIVING.COM and START SKYDIVING!!!