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  1. I just got an old P1 that fits perfect and I plan to learn with. I can't afford anything else so I have to do with it. I have a lot of sewing experience doing sail repair and was hoping to add some inlets as the P3 has on the front only, wings and legs. Is this worth doing? If anyone who used to jump a P1 can give me their opinions how it flew, how they think it would improve with inlets... or anyone who has added inlets to any wingsuit, if it was fairly easy let me know what they think. Thanks!
  2. Wow! Pretty insane, base without deploying....i wonder how long till someone does this without a rig on, hopefully never!
  3. Most forums have one, very useful for seeing what is new without browsing every forum, be great if you add one
  4. The most entertaining person in skydiving, Blue Skies Scotty
  5. Its a combo of a couple of things. First my coaches have been watching my canopy skills, and feel that I'm ready for each down size, and I keep pushing (learning and practicing as much as possible) to get downsized because the transition gear at my DZ in my size are a hot commodity. If my coaches and I feel safe at a size that is something that can be "mine" for the weekend, I'd rather do that then possibly get bumped from loads because my rig is already in the air on someone elses back. Not a great reason to downsize IMO, don't rush things. At least 100 jumps @ a 1 loading is a good idea, i did about 300 and loved every one of them
  6. Enjoyed these, are the final results for the whole meet avail somewhere?
  7. Seatbelts can also cause problems in some cases. A buddy on the latest LODI crash was belted thru the harness. He told me that there was no way he would have been able to unbuckle his seatbelt afterwards, couldn't even see it, another jumper had to do it for him, so imagine if there was a fire. Yes maybe it saved him or someone else in the actual crash, but maybe not. Also cases up in the air when every millisecond counts. I use seatbelts when I can, but there are some negatives, just maybe the positives outweigh them.
  8. I've landed big canopies with broken steering lines before, not a big deal in my cases, Rear riser and PLF. I've also cut one away, because it was almost time for a repack anyways.
  9. Pretty sure Bob Wright, Grand Bend Canada has 10k or more, he did me back in 83, and he's still going
  10. still completely insane to not let a healthy 55yr old take up the sport I know some TMs in their 70s who do several tandems a day, and pack as well
  11. I also wondered about the practice pull, maybe it would just be fun to do one with no rig on...where is that thing?
  12. Maybe someone could integrate some GPS into one, that shows the unit if horizontal speed is involved, and at what point it ends.
  13. Lodi DZ...amazingly $5 for a hop+pop, (100 jumps = $500) $15 for 13.500
  14. Well done! ^ sounds like a nightmare, more than 7 years, wow
  15. Just looking at the first page of the incidents forum...seems like a lot of plane crashes lately to me! More than usual? Ever been in one? Does it worry you much where you jump?