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Dropzone Reviews posted by JumpForFun85

  1. I had heard great things about Skydive Elsinore as an fun jumper, so when I found out I was going to be in Cali for a little longer than I had expected decided to check it out.

    Easy to find, not to far off the highway. Went in, signed my waivers and went right to the gear store to rent some gear since I didn't have mine. Great environment and awesome people inside.

    Plenty of people asking if I wanted to join them in a jump.

    Even though there was a Speed meet, and tons of tandems there was never a downtime for me unless I wanted there to be on. Two plans constantly flying gave me plenty of loads to get onto.

    See you all in two weeks.....everyone here is amazing!!

  2. I currently live in New York and did my first tandem in PA. A year after my tandem my dad who lives down in Marrietta offered to have me fly down to GA and do my AFF.

    Every bit of the week that I was jumping there was nothing short of amazing. The entire staff was friendly and busted their ass not only to get my AFF completed but also to do my entire A Licence card.

    I have tried setting up to go to different DZ's in NY but I always seem to have that desire to head back down to Rockmart. If I wasn't talking to Andy about windspeeds, I was talking to Hans about the next time I was coming up or any of the coaches and instructors on how to improve my freefall. At no time was I standing alone not learning anything.

    The knowledge is extensive, the atmosphere is nothing short of amazing, friendly doesn't describe the people. I am sure in the military I will come across other dropzones but I honestly believe that Skydive the Farm will always be my home away from home.