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  1. Hellis

    Point Break

    Meh... I found the BASE/skydivingscens the least impressive. What was it 3 minutes of video to fly through the crack?
  2. Hellis

    Safety in the Sky: A Skydiver’s Defense

    "An AAD is a small, technically advanced device used to automatically open a skydiver’s reserve parachute." The AAD does not open the reserve, it may open the reserve container. There is no guarantee that it will open the container that's why I say "it may open".
  3. The canopy turns quicker than your body. You can do that on most canopies, I have managed to do it with a 230. One thing you can do to prevent it is to pull down the slider and open up your cheststrap. That makes your risers spread out from your shoulders instead of going straight up from your shoulders. When the risers are spread out it is much harder to get in to linetwists the way you did. Read up on what loosening the cheststrap and pulling down the slider does and how it effects you and your canopydrills when canopy is open. And what it does to your EP. Then talk to a instructor on your DZ.
  4. Hellis

    Looking for video of bad student exits/pulls

    Just remember to have correct lenght velcro. When we had SL we had one that was a little bit shorter. As long as we had the spring PCs it was never a problem. But on the first jump with throw away and that little shorter velcro the student got freefall
  5. Hellis

    NEW GPS Tracker

    Looks nice but to many cons Needs a subscription Uses their server (if they go out of buissiness, it's worth nothing) Cost is quite high for what it is (a GPS tracker), but it is very customized though. The GPSes I use to build the same costs about $40 and no subscription or server. But I'm still having smal issues that needs to be fixed
  6. Hellis

    Snagless GoPro helmet

    Looks nice. But I'm not sure I would buy one as you limit yourself to one camera. Now that GoPro just released a new and smaler cam, this helmet is already 'old'. But if the top part would be sold seperatly it can be interesting. Angles are also impossible (I guess) to set.
  7. One that is from this year http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4697392#4697392
  8. Hellis

    cheap new gopro

    You can't take out the battery on that model? What are you going to do when it freezes up?
  9. Make one yourself, and you can have whatever colour you want and how long you want/need it to be. I made one of type 8 as the sliderstowing part and type 4 around the reserve closing flap, and a tiny bit of type 17 as the "flap" to grab the sliderstow. (Not that it's needed but all stows have one)
  10. Hellis

    Anybody Own This?

    Googling on the owners name as the seller says shows this: https://www.google.se/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=thomas%20huf It might be as he says. But I'm not sure about zero jumps on the Cypres
  11. Hellis

    Rust Never Sleeps

    Do you have a or should we guess what article it is?
  12. Hellis

    Flight Data Tracking App

    The GPS in a phone is generally rubbish. Some time ago someone posted a GPS track from his phone and it looked awful, and the "landing" was ~100 ft in the air. My advice is to get a device built for tracking skydivers. Or a external GPS device for your phone, not sure it will work as good as FlySight but it will be better than built in GPS.
  13. Hellis

    skyhook incorrectly assembled ?

    I think your friend needs to read the manual. It will most likely answer his and your question. However, no the main and freebag will not always be connected. If the reserve PC is stronger than the mains drag then the skyhook will unhook itself.
  14. Hellis

    PD Storm

    Why do you want a higher speed when you are unzippin, stowing slider, adjusting cheststrap etc.? Learn to make harness turns instead while the brakes are set.
  15. Canopies respond different when brakes are set. You should practice using risers when brakes are set. I usually just make a harness turn, but then again my canopy rarely opens off heading, Did you perhaps by mistake free one of the brakes?
  16. Hellis

    4k high rez frame grab gopro 4 black

    Don't know about 4k video, but I usually use Quicktime for framegrabs. Then I just paste it in Photoshop or perhaps even in paint
  17. Maybe you can give us a link or a picture of the helmet in question. Google seems to be clueless.
  18. Hellis

    PhantomX Helmet and Neptune N3

    Not sure this is correct regarding this helmet, but with my bonehead guner I got a note explaining how to change the fit of the helmet by heating it in the owen. Can't remember the temperature or time but maybe that works on this helmet too. Ask the manufacturer.
  19. Hellis

    Mirage MARD is out

    Looks good! Would be nice to see the data from the FlySight
  20. Hellis

    Line sets tied? braided? wtf?

    I believe the english name for it is daisy chain. And as you assumed, it's because you don't want to make a mess of the gear. If you don't daisy chain and just stuff everything in your gearbag you will probably get a few step troughs when you try to lift it out.
  21. Hellis

    Three ring construction manual

    You can find it in this thread. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4598207;page=unread#unread
  22. Hellis

    Skyhook and camera's

    Depends. What type of camera? Mounted on side or top? Mounted how? On what helmet? Etc.. My opinion when I bought my rig was that a skyhook would be a waste of money since I was going to jump with camera and have the RSL unhooked. Now I regret not buying a skyhook because I have the RSL attached all (most) of the time anyway. I spent time on making a etanglement less likely with better mounting options. My advice is to try to 'eliminate' snags and then try to create a snag on the ground. Then decide if you use RSL or not.
  23. Hellis

    Container for Lightning 160

    I used to have a old student rig for my 160. I'm not sure what size rig it was but it had a 218 reserve, so my guess is that it was a 240 main rig. It was a loose fit, not dangerously loose. It was easy to pack in any weather loose. And it had a large reserve
  24. Hellis

    Atom - reserve PC did not launch

    I know of a different manufacturer that had a similar problem but one of the things the manufcturer responded to such a video was "put the rig one someone before pulling the pin". Not a direct quote but.. Having the rig laying flat vs. on the back can make a big difference.
  25. Hellis

    Help for a new tracker

    What do you mean by 'Power'? Silly me thought it was mainly skill in tracking.