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  1. 7 days a week jumping all day if there's people fill the plane Dog friendly $25 - 10k $30 - 13k Being a Cessna dropzone you won't be able to get more than a 5-way going but the reduced drive time compared to other places makes it up to me. Landing area is right next to packing area. You can get another load pretty much as fast as you can get ready. Some say landing area is small but it's plenty for me and the winds are usually pretty reliable. Swoop friendly. Local food options within 10min are more than decent. Riggers and packers on staff. Lack of facilities makes it bad for camping but this might change in the future.
  2. I pack this type of handle for three different jumpers on a regular basis. One of them prefers the tab securely tucked under the container flap, he says it gives him extra piece of mind when freeflying (he also changes his closing loop regularly). This is on a Mirage. One of the jumpers is a female with small hands and she isn't able to easily pull out the PC when the tab is tucked so she likes it inside the BOC. She does freefly as well as belly/camera like this. Also a Mirage. The third feels the handle is more secure when tucked in the BOC. This container is a Vortex and the handle sits somewhat awkwardly when the tab is tucked under the flap. If you have no real preference I'd say go with the intended use and tuck it under the container flap. If I had a Mirage or Wings I would tuck, if I had a Vortex I would shove it in the BOC.