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  1. I don't know if it was a "quick reaction" so much as they just happened to break off just before the other jumper's canopy crashed straight through them. I sure hope conversations were had after this jump...
  2. That is a great idea - I don't know why I never thought of that - I fall like a greased safe (short and curvy) and quite often need sweatshirts - and having short arms, the sleeves always pose a challenge to me in keeping them in place. Thanks!!
  3. I don’t have that canopy any more and haven’t in a while... so I don’t remember Haha. Whatever came with the canopy new.
  4. I used to have a Pilot 168. Most beautiful, slow, snivelly openings. Except every so often, BAM. CRACKER. Hard to enough to make me see stars and need advil. We couldn't figure out why, didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it (nothing noticeably different about pack jobs, body position etc. on those particular jumps). We eventually just figured it needed to remind me who was boss every so often.
  5. I like going to the first unread post in a thread automatically. That's very useful. Also - is there a way to have the forum mark all posts as read automatically once you leave a forum (like the old version did)? I forget to click the blue button, and then when I go back the next day I can't remember what I've read and what I haven't... or is it just me? Nice work on this - it can't be easy!!!
  6. What if one never wants to do high performance landings? Does that mean they should never downsize?
  7. Interesting link. Thanks. Sounds like a bullshit lawsuit. I have not heard anything about Canada changing laws regarding waivers.
  8. There is no actual CSPA Rule on what kind of jump must be a first jump. That is DZ specific, the only CSPA rule is that student parachutists must be accompanied through all phases of their skydive by a CSPA rated instructor. So technically, if a DZ had that type of program, you could do a PFF jump as your first jump. Although, almost all DZ's require a tandem or IAD before PFF.
  9. CSPA has not donated any money to the museum. Izzy Perry VP, CSPA
  10. I guess it depends why your coaches/instructors become coaches/instructors. I didn't do it for the money, and I know a bunch of others who didn't either. I LOVE doing coach jumps and teaching. But I don't do tandems or PFF, so perhaps I'm a bit of an anomaly.
  11. I know of a lot of Canadian DZs that do their best to help newbies progress and retain jumpers. I am hoping Pchapman was being tongue in cheek :)
  12. Some smaller Canadian DZ's do not have those kinds of resources :) At our DZ, there are a few of us that make sure that Solos have things to work on to get their A, and we try our very best to make ourselves available to do Coach jumps. You can go to manifest and tell them you need a Coach 2, and manifest will make an announcement for Coach 2's. I know myself in the last few years most of my jumps have been 2 ways or coach jumps We also are going to be doing a thing this year where a couple of us dedicate a day or two a week to specifically work with Solos and A/B licence peeps for them to get their requirements and licenses. So if people come out on those days, there will be at least two of us dedicated to only doing Coach jumps or two ways or endorsements or whatever people need. Also we are working on something to do 3 and 4 ways involving novices.
  13. It certainly wasn't my funnest jump.. but one of my most memorable! I have also heard the "don't flare" advice for the same reasons. I think I honestly just forgot or felt I didn't need to flare. There was a lot going on in my head at the time...
  14. What John says below - leave brakes stowed on rear canopy, fly the front with gentle toggle input, gentle flare at the bottom.
  15. I didn't, I was under a 170 and a 170 - so LOTS of parachute for me! (I'm a 5 foot tall girl). Very nice, soft PLF. We teach a "very gentle flare" to ours. Is your procedure the same?
  16. I've had a two-out biplane. Softest landing in a canola field I've ever had. I flew that thing very gently, checking altitude, checking my clear landing area, checking that I wasn't backing up into anything. We teach not to cut away a biplane, and I would never cut away a biplane (unless something super funky was happening).
  17. Not always - recent incident comes to mind. If you don't have a safe place to land, living is not a guarantee (not that it ever is, but you know what I mean).
  18. Here is a link to the CSPA website that explains a little bit on what you get when you join CSPA. Finishing AFF/PFF and getting your CSPA solo license are not necessarily the same thing. You'll see on your solo paperwork that there are tasks you must complete, a number of jumps you must have, as well as endorsements you must receive, and a test, in order to complete the Solo. Regarding insurance: please note that CSPA provides Third Party Liability Insurance, which is NOT personal insurance (i.e. covers you if you get injured) but if you do damage to a third party's property - under certain conditions (IE all BSR's have been followed, etc.). this is NOT a comprehensive explanation of CSPA's insurance policies. Please contact the office for more information. If you'd like more information, I would encourage you to contact the CSPA office directly. They can be emailed at [email protected] but if you have this many questions, you should probably pick up the phone and call them. The office is always happy to answer any questions. Edited to add: If you are planning on going out of country to jump with just a CSPA solo or less, you may want to contact the dropzone you're planning on attending. The CSPA Solo is not recognized as a license in other countries to my knowledge, and each dropzone will have different requirements - they may require you to do jumps with an instructor, etc.
  19. FFS. So "Y" wears low cut tops and immediately is a whore, gold digger, and who knows what else. That kind of attitude pisses me off. I'm not a "Y", but having larger boobs, they tend to stick out sometimes (no pun intended). And I am certainly no whore OR gold digger. And besides, boobs are nice, so why should women have to hide them all the time without being called names? And you just sound jealous. Be more proactive - like someone said - ask manifest who will jump with newbies, approach the LO's and ask to be on their jumps, find another newbie who'll jump with you and you guys can get better together. DZ's can be cliquey, but I think that's just the nature of it. Our DZ is very welcoming to newbies, but I have been to some that can be overwhelming for new people.
  20. I would disagree with recommending new gear for a first time buyer - used gear that's in good shape will get them through that first period of downsizing before they find their "forever" parachute. Does it really matter what order you buy your "smaller" gear in? Alti, helmet, etc? I don't know if borrowing altimeters is a bad thing - our DZ has a bunch of them (they're all the same) available to students and novices. Why no used helmet? My first two helmets were used... Not a bad article, but I don't know that I would point someone new towards it and say "that's what you need to know".. there are so many other variables...
  21. My husband's prescription is such that we have had trouble finding prescription sunglasses for him (the lenses are too big for a lot of sunglass frames?)- it's a very strong, specialized prescription so I don't know if we'd have any luck getting his prescription in goggles. He seems happy enough - it's worked for 26 years :)
  22. Ian, Mister Iluvchuters has been using these since I've known him. Just the standard normal goggles but made for over the glasses. Vision without his glasses is just a big fuzz. He seems to like them well enough! Or you could always get a full face helmet :) (oh hey I made a clicky!!)