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  1. buyaka96

    Canon 6D

    I totally aggree. I have a BH Optik with the my 5D MKII with a Sigma 15 lens up top with a a GP3 for everyday fun video/stills. Both formats fit awesome and I can't find another still combo that can compare to how tack sharp this setup has. The pro-setup is on a heavy BH FTP with my CX cam. I'll post some photos when I get a chance. btw... AF on the MKII isn't all that great but on a wide lens you can set it to "M" close to infinity and cheat all the way up to about 2 feet of focal distance. IMHO... APS-C format has nothing on full-frame no matter which way you go.
  2. buyaka96

    Video management on MAC

    Doug, I greatly appreciate the info. Thanks and I hope to run into you sometime. V/R Bam
  3. buyaka96

    Video management on MAC

    I have Mountain Lion and FCP X. Does premiere have that option to archive and manage transcoded AVCHD files similar to PMB for windows? I read the site about Premiere but still not sure what it really does other than import, find, read, and skim other video files.
  4. buyaka96

    Video management on MAC

    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Does anyone have any suggestions for a AVCHD movie file management database system for MAC? I would like something similar to PMB for windows that won't crash my MAC and doesn't want to try and convert files to .MOV and keeps it in either native .MTS or whatever. OK... so 3 years later and many editing systems, programs, and the advent of small format videos, I'm still having a rough time finding a decent file management system for MAC without having to manually import, save, rename, and archive raw video files from my Sony CX. I use Aperture for my Gopro files all the time and it does it absolutely well. But I can't find a program to archive CX files in either .MTS or native format for archiving. I absolutely despise having to convert AVCHD files to .MOV on my MAC unless I absolutely have to when I'm editing clips. V/R Bam
  5. buyaka96

    Canopy climbs after 270

    I usually don't like replying on DZ but I thought i might this time since it's also happened to me. I was loaded at 1.4 on a on a new XF 149. My canopy would also pop up on me by over 20 feet at times. The lines were all still in trim after 100 jumps from when i started doing 90s and 270s. I got aggravated about popping up and even GW couldn't explain why it was happening. After some asking, some of us came to the conclusion that it was mainly due to size of the parachute and the current wing loading. Because recovery arc placed a huge role, the efficiency of wing at light loading became even bigger being that it's still a closed nose design and it's flatter glide made it recovery that much faster. It wasn't until I wingloaded similar canopies at above 1.8 that I noticed it would stop "popping up" on the bottom end of the arc that the less parasitic drag of the chute would keep it in more of a dive. I think this makes sense.... but who knows.
  6. buyaka96

    Nitron vs X-Fire 2 at 1.5

    Ok... I don't normally post on DZ but thought I'd share my 2 cents since I've actually jumped both chutes loaded at 1.5. This translates to a X2 149 and a Nitron 150 with a 210 lb dude. Let me first say that both canopies are awesome canopies. I've never been spun up on either in 300 combined jumps. I agree the Nitron is much more forgivable with packing, opening, and body position. Nitron has as quicker opening. I've done many camera jumps on both and can't say enough good things like i've never been slammed like i used to on PD products. I used get the occasional off heading on both. Front riser dives. Nitron recovers quicker hands down (similar to a stiletto). Nitron riser pressure tends to stay lighter than the X2 through 90 through 270 degree turn with 3 second double fronts. Nitron has a more flare in straight in approach and X2 better in high performance landings. Nitron has a flatter glide in full flight. X2 is much more aggressive in toggle and rear riser turns. I can only imagine this would be similar in smaller comparable sizes also. I'd actually recommend either for everyday jumps. I hope this is enough info for you Brick. Take care... blues!
  7. buyaka96

    Most snag-free go-pro or contour mount?

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Here's why...1. in the case you fly any camera on any helmet, totally need a cutaway system of course. If you choose not to, it's up to you and your dzo. If no cutaway, then the alternate means is to provide "a way" to compromise not having a cutaway. IE the sticky mount. Total case and point: Xtreme boggie in Puerto Rico this past FEB my buddy mike and I do a 2 way freefly. He wanted to borrow my GP HD and only had a Skysystems HR2 helmet (No cutaway). Mount the GP on top with a curve mount. Exited over water and pitched over water... and he had to chop his main from a spinning malfunction...risers snagged the GP clean off his head!!!! Helmet stayed... we got to the ground on the beach and he said he was more frustrated with losing my GP than chopping. I told him your life isn't worth 250 bucks... don't worry about it. We would hate to think what would have happened if it was hard mounted (know it's the principle behind this story; try not to reason with what ifs) Even though I was out a GP I still had my CX100 on a bonehead OPTIK with a cutaway. I've also seen a lot of GPs get lost at my home DZ due to snags and chops and I've been jumping one since GPs have been out. So take it for what it's worth. And it's true... video makes jumps a little more interesting... and proof what really happened in the air! HA. Blues!
  8. buyaka96

    Post your Camera Helmet .....

    Nice setup there... I think I may have to wait a while to afford that helmet... i've seen one around Raeford, NC so far... looks really comfy! Other than that... I refurbished an older FlatTopPro with custom paint by yours truly. Had to leave for a week and waititng to mount the video... 1- FTP custom airbrushed with 2 coats of PPG clear. Shumacher mount with concrentric sight. Toungue swith and HypEye D. 2- T1I with a TAMRON 8-24 MM wide angle and UV/Polorizor filter (colors come out vivid) 3- CX 100 with .45 All that and took a picture with an Iphone... what a hipocrit!!
  9. buyaka96

    Puerto Rico boogie?

    If anyone is interested, I have 3 of us coming out for the boogie from Georgia and Virginia arriving the 7-9 FEB and are looking to find a place with other folks to cut the prices down for a decent location, prefer to stay near the DZ. Let me know! - Bam
  10. The bonfire party was AMAZING... especially Bolas running around half naked and booze inside what looked like a clorox bottle...LMAO!!
  11. buyaka96

    GoPro Helmet Hero Wide - Anyone tried one?

    I was also on the sceptic side when I decided to get one of those... I eventually became fond of it. I've taken it from my home drop zone at Raeford to Deland and Zhills. So far I've got a definate "i've got to get me one of those!" comments from guys like Mikey and Patty Woods (Zhills), Smiley (Zhills), Mike Inman (RPC), Ben Gillespie (RPC), and numerous other people. They seem all so excited that a little 168 dollar camera can actually be fun to mess around with. Video is not the best obviosly but good enough to show non skydivers some of the crack moments of the sport and pictures...well...impressive IMO. I have mine mounted on top of my BH Mamba with the sticky mounts and it stays like it was meant to be there. It's especially funny when you run into other people with the same camera on their helmet and they give you the surprised "lol...i got one of those too!" gestures. I especially love to strange looks that folks give you in the plane while waiting for your go and you know they will meet you on the ground to ask what that little curious little contraption may be stuck to your overly large dome... it can't be a weather probe or or a future docking clamp for large big ways. I deffinately love the little bugger!