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  1. Matt, Chuck, Lou, and Dan - all good gouge. Thanks for the info. If we come up with anything novel, I'll post it . . . if it works! Thanks again - CZ
  2. This is aimed primarily at the SF, Recon, and SEAL community. Has anyone out there dealt with mounting video on your MICH/ACH helmet? What problems did you encounter? What solutions did you come up with? We're looking at the Black Box and the Sweeet Box right now. We've also looked at a remote lens mounted and wired to a camcorder elsewhere on the body, but haven't seen good reviews on the clarity - has anyone had good results with these? We're not planning on jumping this configuration, but this community has done more with helmet mounted cameras than anyone else, and I thought I'd start here. Thanks in advance. CZ
  3. Live trap some raccoons, put 'em in the yard for a day or so to watch their lunch, then let 'em loose. This is the slow method. Fast method: weasel family. Raccoons basically will just kill, eat, and come back for dinner the next night. A pack of weasles will tear up all available prey and just strew it around. Looks like a scene from Alien or something. I'm pretty sure both of these are methods recognized and endorsed by PETA.Quote CZ
  4. USMC, 6 years, still work for them as a civilian and love it. Even got to go to Iraq for 6 months this past year. CZ
  5. No way that's him - look at those whiskers . . . it's his mom! CZ
  6. Hey folks, does anybody here jump at Skydive San Marcos outside of Austin on a regular basis? I'm in Austin on and off for the next couple months, and I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to get a ride down there on a few of the weekends. CZ
  7. Maybe I'm just missing something, but does this guy have to have two-foot toothbrushes custom made?! CZ
  8. Gotta agree with Dave - you can't haul nothin in those little machines. Get yourself a nice Ford F-150, straight 6, and be happy. CZ
  9. Gotta be the Komodo Dragon - those things can swallow like a whole hippo without chewing! CZ
  10. Damn. Jeff got me stoked about jumping, helped me get through AFF in about 4 weeks, sold me my first rig, and I gotta say - Mile Hi has the prettiest free-fall view around. My wife and I haven't been back for a few years, but we wish Jeff's friends and family all the best. CZ
  11. Hawaiian islands, just under my left pec, wierd. CZ
  12. Nothing good can come from a situation like that. CZ
  13. Come on man - if you're gonna be a Marine, you gotta be up on all that 20th century military history! Can't just go memorizing the ballad of the Alamo. CZ
  14. Okay, say you strap that thing to your feet and light it off under canopy . . . could you do a loop?! CZ