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  1. The container was fairly badly damaged, no holes but the material had become stiff due to the acid and also any metal had reacted with the acid and become degraded. The acid also damaged a lot of personal belongings, clothes etc. Oftentimes the damage to clothes and runners didn't become evident until nearly a month or so after, when they would literally fall apart. My concern is just due to the nature of acids and the effect it can have on materials, I am currently looking for a new container and I am thinking of purchasing a reserve just to be sure. That way if something does happen with the main I can be sure that my reserve is intact. And cheers for the spell check
  2. I posted awhile ago about battery acid damage to my rig. The rig was left in the boot of my car where, not to my knowledge, battery acid had leaked. Anyway I noticed damage to the rig and left it with my rigger outlining what had happened. Its over 6 months later and my rigger has informed me that there is no damage to the main, reserve or cyprus. I trust this rigger and he is well respected in the club. I was just curious as to other peoples opinions on the gear?
  3. Just figured out what happened. Turns out there was a car battery left in the back of my car, it must of leaked and from what I know of conc acid that pretty much means my rig is destroyed beyond repair,dang.
  4. hey all, Okay this is my first post and its a pretty weird one. Something spilled in the back of my car, i think it was Cordosyl mouthwash but i am not sure. Anyway it spilled all over my rig and unfortunately I didn't notice until recently.At first I didn't think it was too bad as all that appeared to have happened was a running of some of the colors of the rig and it appeared to only have effected the outside. But on further checking I have found that the metal loops and also the metal reserve handle have a crusty white chalk like coating on places which is very difficult to get off. Also on the chest strap where some coloring from the rig has ran the material has become slightly stiffer. I of course will be bringing my rig straight to my rigger to get it checked out, but was hoping that somebody might have experienced this before or have an idea what the hell i might of spilled on it!my greatest fear is that my rig is going to be damaged beyond repair! Anyway any comments or ideas would be much appreciated! Regards Niall.