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  1. This sounds a lot like my rig. Info seems to match up. I guess you should PM me to figure it out. ~Kris
  2. Hmmm, I think the baby stew might be a hit... I'll let you guys know how that goes Thanks for all the suggestions so far... there's a lot of stuff I didn't think of. I like the hangover cures and stuff that isn't too heavy so there will be less gas issues during the ride up. The restaurant is gonna be good, fairly inexpensive food that won't take to long to make. I'm thinking about some international themed dishes since jumpers come from all over. Anyway, I really like the suggestions, hope to hear some more
  3. So, I'm looking for some creative menu items for a culinary school project. The base for the concept of my restaurant is skydiving. I have to come up with 13 menu items: appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts. I wish I could go check out some DZ restaurants but I won't be able to sooooo.... anybody with any experience or ideas for menu item names or anything that skydivers would want in a restaurant, please help me out. Just looking for some ideas to get started with this project... Thanks!!
  4. AWWWWW!!! I miss you!! I wish I could've been at couch freaks with you guys... Anyway, as far as the dating goes... please don't settle for just anybody. You're way too awesome and you deserve someone just as awesome! if you're ever in Portland you're welcome at my place....
  5. So, I'm selling an old ring on craigslist and the lady that wants to buy it is having me ship it to her brother in PA so he can send it to Africa I guess. Seems kinda weird to me but she already sent me the money on paypal so I figure its good to go now. Paypal sent me an email saying they would deposit the money in my account when I provide them the tracking number. I guess I'm just asking if anybody knows more about paypal than I do and if this sounds legit? Thanks!
  6. I was there on Saturday afternoon and only made one jump but I met a few people and can't wait to be there for good. I'll probably be moving up there at the end of August, just in time for the boogie. I wanted to jump more but the group I came with were all doing tandems so I chilled with them till we all jumped. Anyway, I'll be there for the boogie! Hope to meet a lot more of you guys!
  7. I'll be up in Portland this week and a few of my friends are planning on doing tandems on Saturday. I'm moving to the area in the next couple months and am looking forward to jumping there. So, if anybody wants to jump with me on Saturday that would be awesome!
  8. uggghhhhh! I hate those commercials... thanks!
  9. Yay!! Just got my flight back into town. I'm planning on being around to jump and hang out on Wednesday. See you guys soon!!
  10. Mmmm Jello shots! Well, I might be there tomorrow afternoon... definitely on Saturday and Sunday!!
  11. Yeah, I heard they re-opened a little while ago. I want to go check them out, drove through there a few days ago on my way to the bay area but didn't have time to stop... anybody jump in Cloverdale?
  12. Yeah, the weather down here isn't that great for jumping which is too bad since the scenery is so beautiful. I'm chillin in Fortuna for the summer, right next door to Ferndale. I might just dig out my rock climbing gear for the summer since I won't be jumping every weekend...
  13. Is there anyone in Humboldt County that jumps? I just moved back home to Eureka... nowhere to jump nearby Anyway, thinking of heading over to the American Boogie and was wondering if there are any jumpers in Humboldt that might be going?
  14. I got hurt on a landing last summer, nothing too bad... dislocated shoulder, sprained ankle and lots of cuts and scrapes... at the time I was on a non-flying TDY so I didn't miss any flights. I didn't actually go to the hospital that day, just when I got back home a few months later and I never had any problems come from it. I was in the Air Force and had signed a high risk activity waiver, which asked what training I had received. So, my unit was cool about it since I had already signed that waiver. We used to play ultimate frisbee for PT sometimes and nobody thought that was too dangerous even when I practically lost a tooth from being elbowed in the face... shit happens... if a unit has some kind of waiver I would be sure to sign it, just in case.
  15. I know! I'm excited!! I think I'm gonna go with pirate... fits better with my tattoos me thinks...