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  1. I want to buy my 1st parachute and I found this one one the net (sunshine factory). I would like to know if it's a good deal or if I should be more patient and wait before buying it. ------ (BS) This rig has been inspected by a Rigger and comes with a 20 day return policy. The Javelin was manufactured in 1997. It has a non articulating with non stainless hardware. It does not have an RSL but has the velcro to put an rsl on. It has mini risers with mini rings. The Triathlon was manufactured in 1996. This canopy needs a reline and the reline is the responsibility of the purchaser, however Sunshine Factory will help to get that organized. The Raven was manufactured in 1990. The Cypres was manufactured in 1999. It needs a 4 year check and a battery. This is the responsibility of the purchaser. $1850.00 ------ I would also like to know how much it might cost me to add the RSL (if it possible to add it?!?), how much for a reline and to get the cypress good to go. thanks and here's the link of the web page with a picture of the container. http://www.sunshine-factory.com/cgi-bin/data/db.cgi?db=sf&uid=default&view_records=1&ID=8287