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  1. i know I'm getting a head of myself, but I currently do a job that sucks and I really hate. I really enjoy skydiving and could really see it being a job that i would actually enjoy. I'm not looking to necessarily go do it right away, but I'm just doing a little research to see if some time down the road its a possibility for me.
  2. ok, so i have relatively low jump numbers (30ish) but have been considering a career in skydiving. the first thing that came to mind was a tandem master but I have a lot of unanswered questions. you need 500 jumps and 1 reserve ride, true? is there a set amount of time that you have to be skydiving as well? by that i mean a rule that says you must have been skydiving for 3 years or something. could I, in theory, go to a drop zone thats open 7 days a week, and do 500 skydives in 3 mouths and then become a tandem master? once i have my 500 jumps or however many are required, where do I go from there? do a take a course or test? how much will this cost me? where do i take it? are there any other requirements that I will need before becoming a tandem master? how much can I expect to earn once I have finished the entire process? I've heard that they make $50 a jump, and also that they make $80 a jump. true? at a busy dropzone, how many tandem jumps can I expect to take in a day as a TM? are tandem masters in demand? will it be difficult to find a full time job doing this? thanks for any help you can offer