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  1. Flexibility and body control are more important.
  2. Thanks Mark, I understand now, so if an AAD is installed in a solo rig then it’s considered part of the reserve system and is now controlled by the FAA regulations.
  3. Does the status of the AAD affect the airworthiness of the rig or pack job? Does the FAA treat an AAD as mandatory to the reserve system and something for riggers to control? I don’t think an expired unit would prevent a normal manual deployment would it? An AAD is not supposed to be relied on to pull for you, correct? I thought they were just for worst case scenario, not first case scenarios. I suppose an expired AAD could fire incorrectly but If there is doubt, would it not be the jumpers responsibility to shut it off?
  4. These guys might be able to help you, I would guess they would be represented there.
  5. Who am I to challenge someone with 15k jumps but the above is exactly how I used to do it so I could present as much surface on the hill without flipping forward, keeping a visual lock on the formation, and to reduce some horizontal separation before the 200 mph vertical boogie. What the OP describes as diving facing the nose is actually what a floater does on the hill, dive up to the formation.
  6. Hey your a good skydiver! I don't think I smiled in FF till about 100 jumps.
  7. TommyM

    Jumping in Hawaii

    I assume you mean Dillingham field. Incredible scenery. Consider the following challenges. High landing winds, the exit spot, landing out can be rough, clouds, and I reccommend a flotation vest or device. It's all manageable but things can get very ugly very fast without having a plan B and C ready, and listening to the advice of the RIGHT locals. I think it's worth it.
  8. The girl/women you are referring to and in the photo you posted appears to be Dale Stuart, try looking her up. I remember George from those days. He also Jumped at Perris. --T El Cap 699