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  1. I wouldn't consider Tesla cars to be successful products till they can be sold at a profit with out government subsidies. The electric car idea still has a long way to go.
  2. No I don't think it's worth it. The Tesla story isn't all rosy.
  3. It wasn't much of a fight. By the time he blew the whistle nothing was really happening. I think it was a bad call. It could have been a bad fight but watching it multiple times it didn't look like it was going that way.
  4. I have family in Elgin so it will be convenient for me.
  5. Empty promises and veiled threats! You have as much credibility as if you were playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  6. Then you would find it interesting.
  7. How much do you trust them?
  8. The official unemployment numbers are not a very good indication of the number of people out of work. It's just more government bullshit.
  9. If makes your leg tingle, just get a look a the number of people that don't have a job!
  10. I have long decided I would avoid any trips to Japan. The situation is probably worse then they are admitting.
  11. That is by far the most insane stunt I have ever seen! No room for error at all. Pretty amazing!
  12. I spoke directly with the CEO of iFly so it's not second hand. "Ground was broken" doesn't mean major construction has started. It wouldn't be noticeable. But we can't start booking time till it's up and being tested.
  13. They should cut spending, the Government has a spending problem not a tax problem. Raising taxes will just give them more money to spend.
  14. The Dallas tunnel is supposed to be up and running early next year. I don't think they have started major construction yet. I was told they have broken ground. I don't know anything about any other location.
  15. You are intentionally misunderstanding his point. When he is talking about needing guns during a hurricane it isn't for defense against the hurricane it's self. It's because there may not be any law enforcement available because of the hurricane. The confiscation of guns after hurricane Katrina is an example of what can happen despite having the 2nd Amendment. You are continuing in your dishonest avoidance of the obvious.
  16. Bill you are being silly propping up your strawman argument of "defend yourself from a hurricane with a semiautomatic rifle?" You ignore the gun confiscation that happened during hurricane Katrina. You are just being dishonest. No where does the NRA push people to buy guns. You haven't shown any example of them doing so. You did come up with an example of them pushing people to give them money to defend the 2nd amendment. The people creating the fear of gun confiscation or limiting is the politicians like Feinstein, Bloomberg and Obama. Gun manufacturers are thanking Obama for their high sales not the NRA. You are wrong. The high gun sales didn't happen because of La Pierre they happened due to politicians like Obama. The example of this is the increase in gun sales when Obama was first elected to the presidency and they didn't go up when La Pierre started working for the NRA.
  17. During hurricane Katrina citizens had their lawfully owned guns confiscated. That is what cause people to donate money to the NRA to defend the 2nd Amendment. The fear of confiscation is real and has happened.
  18. Some more bullshit. The NRA is pushing people to give them money to support the 2nd Amendment. No where in your example did they say to go out and buy guns. Sturm Ruger is a gun manufacturer and is out to sell guns, donating a dollar the NRA is in their interest and helps sell guns. But that is Sturm Ruger selling guns not the NRA. The fear that sells guns is generated by politicians wanting to ban guns or put limits on gun rights. The NRA is there to defend the 2nd Amendment from people like you.
  19. The NRA is just repeating what politicians like Feinstein and others are saying. The politicians are the ones driving this panic buying. Donations from a gun manufacturer is not the same thing as trying say that the NRA is out pushing people to buy guns and ammunition. The panic buying is driven by the politicians. The NRA is trying to get people to donate money to defend the 2nd amendment.
  20. Still very similar to bitcoin. Trust in it's existence and that others will value it is not all that much different then trust in the state. Neither will last forever.
  21. I'm not sure why that's a reason to hate bitcoins. Perhaps you can also elaborate on why bitcoins are "simply stupid"? Because the process used to create them is the computing power required to make a transaction. It's completely artificial with no relationship to work performed by humans. They are going up in price due to speculation, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with their actual value. They are not only used in criminal activities, but actually encourage it due to their untraceable nature. Further, you have no idea whatsoever what other nefarious activities might be hidden in the processing power of the transactions. If people are setting up bitcoin malware to "mine" bit coins, then what other malicious code might be involved? I would not be surprised to learn bitcoin mining are an enabling technology of world wide cyber war. Interesting, sounds a lot like dollars or any other fiat currency. Most of the dollars out there are not actual physical currency but instead virtual dollars that only exist on computers.
  22. I don't remember that ever happening. It's hard to say what Federal laws will be passed. They may yet ban magazines that hold more then 10 rounds. They would most likely grandfather in those already out there. All it will do is drive up the price of magazines even more.
  23. To be fair high capacity magazines were bought up very quickly. Handgun magazines are hard to find for most guns that have a greater then 10 round magazine. AR 15 magazines are becoming more available but they about twice the normal price or more.