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  1. Did you do it with out any instruction or instructors to help you? If so then maybe it was easy for you.
  2. I can't tell if you are serious or not. Just because something looks easy doesn't mean it is.
  3. Who knows! But I really like what DGA stands for as in Howard DGA-12!
  4. I have the Inverted Hybrid and am very happy with it. It's my second Vertical suit. I have found Vladi easy to talk to and he generally responds pretty quickly to emails. I would send him an email right away so that you can change it if needed.
  5. I think you would need to ask Vladi about that. I have never seen his version of the RDS pocket, but as long as it doesn't open up and catch air it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise it will be a big pain in the ass. Which suit is it? Inverted?
  6. I am very skeptical of that story also. If they don't know your skill level in the tunnel they are not going to take any chances. It's really easy to hurt yourself in the tunnel with it topped out if you don't have the skill.
  7. They must have taken it down. I commented on it and now I can't see the comment anymore or the FB page.
  8. If you want to jump an experimental parachute then modify your own parachute! Bam there you can be just like those guys! The standings aren't being overwhelmed by experimental parachutes so I don't see any merit to your concerns.
  9. Both of these guys are good at tracking. It was just a mistake made by both guys on the same jump that could have easily been much worse. That video is a few years old. They learned their lesson and are still jumping.
  10. The video is pretty straight forward. What more is there to learn? Just to clarify the scenario went like this, two guys freeflying and broke off at I think 5,000 ft tracked a short distance both deployed at about the same time. Both had 180 degree turns on deployments. Which caused them to collide. Lesson: Track like your life depends on it. Because it does.
  11. It's pretty obvious that you don't know what you are talking about. Changing the brake settings wouldn't have made any difference. Learning to flat turn would not have made any difference in this accident. Watch the video! There was very little time to react. It's just a clear cut case of not enough seperation on deployment. Neither of these guys tracked very far at all, I have seen the full unedited version.
  12. You can purchase the tunnel time in smaller increments. Go to You don't have to buy a full hour. Any amount will be appreciated and useful. While I was at Skydive Arizona for Nationals I bought 5 minutes of tunnel time and really had a blast flying in the tunnel.
  13. I don't know. I think that's being overly nitpicky. Either way it doesn't change the outcome.
  14. I have no idea. I don't know anymore about this then what was posted.
  15. Is there a lot of tunnel flyers that start skydiving and have that type attitude? I am not an AFF instructor so I don't really see that side of skydiving. I have noticed that most of the tunnel rats that I have jumped with generally have canopies sized for their jump numbers and not their tunnel experience. At Skydive Dallas we have a lot of jumpers going to the tunnel and learning new skills, but I don't see them having this type of attitude that you describe. Is this common? I have a little over 20 hours in the tunnel. Mostly working on freeflying and VFS along with a little over 2300 jumps.
  16. I think they were just trying to be polite and not just come out and say he jumped off a cliff. How do you conclusively determine whether somone jumped or got too close to the edge and slipped and fell?
  17. My guess is he paniced? That's where getting coaching with an experienced CRW dog would help. They should have gone over what to do in case of a wrap. There is another thread on this and apparently the guy with the kite is a very experienced CRW dog. If I were in his place I wouldn't have done any sudden movements under canopy with someone so close who doesn't have a lot of CRW experience. I don't have a lot of CRW jumps but enough so that I feel comfortable around others under canopy. Also the CRW that I did was with coaching by very experienced CRW dogs.
  18. I think tunnel time can help ease anxiety in freefall which will make it easier to deal with everything else that you can't work on in the tunnel. So while it doesn't directly help with exiting, flying on the hill, tracking, deploying or landing it does help indirectly by making the freefall portion less daunting. One of the biggest fears for new skydivers is not being able to control themselves in freefall. The tunnel does help with that.
  19. Not all incidents show up on I don't really think there is any question that the video is real. The lesson to be learned is if you are going to do CRW get coaching with an experienced CRW dog. It looked like this guy got distracted by his video camera and didn't notice the other guy going into deep breaks. If he had been paying attention he could have easily moved off to the side. That's the kind of thing you watch for especially when you are flying that close behind someone under canopy.
  20. I have been very happy with my Vertical suit! I think it's the best suit out there.
  21. umm Dodge Viper and I don't think there would be much of a similarity in the two. But I don't know as I have never driven a Dodge Viper.
  22. They are two different designs so at no point would the ever be similar. The Crossfire 2 is a more aggressive design then the Safire 2.
  23. Do more tunnel time earlier. I learned a lot of bad habits learning to freefly in the sky that I am working to undo in the tunnel.