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  1. I think it's already become the over all accepted standard to pull well higher then 2k or even 2.5k. I am still not convinced there needs to be a change to the BSR. I don't see a lot of people pulling low.
  2. Hanging from one riser would result in a streamer. There wouldn't be any pressurization in the wing. Cutting away from that would the first priority unless you get too low then just fire your reserve and hope it doesn't get tangled in the main. It would be a very bad situation to be in. A line over isn't going to suddenly negate half the canopys square footage. It's still there creating drag. So it's unlikely to spin as fast as a canopy half it's size.
  3. I think you fail to understand just how little time and how quickly things happen in the type of malfunction you are talking about. Trying to deal with the G forces is the last thing on your mind.
  4. If you were under a canopy small enough to generate excessive G forces in a malfunction any time spent trying to tolerate the G force would most likely get you killed. The best response is to cut away as quickly as possible. My one cut away was under a Katana 107 at a 1.8 wing loading. It was a spinning line twist malfunction and initially I tried to kick out of the line twists but it was turning so fast that I realized I didn't have enough time to fix it. So I immediately cut it away. Had I waited 3 or 4 seconds more I might not have had enough altitude to get my reserve out. Under small canopies things happen so quickly you don't have time to even think about dealing with excessive G's. I immediately understood that I was losing altitude very fast and had a very limited amount of time to fix it or cut it away. Like I told a whuffo friend it's not a matter of minutes it's a matter of seconds till impact with the ground. No time to even consider tolerating Gs.
  5. I agree with you. I also agree with davelepka on the need for most skydivers to pull much higher then 2k, but I don't believe raising the 2k minimum is necessary or needed.
  6. I don't think any HALO is done using round canopys.
  7. You are missing my point. Raising the minimum deployment altitude from 2,000 ft to 2,500 ft isn't going to be enforcable because there isn't much of a difference between 2,500 and 2,000. But no where did I say that a minimum deployment altitude was not necessary. I do think that changing it is not necessary. I don't see how changing it will have any real world effect. If someone decides to pull between 2,000 ft and 2,500 how would anyone even notice? Also ditters don't show when you threw out your pilot chute. They only show an approximation based on decelaration.
  8. That's not the point. A rule that's not enforcible is a waste of time.
  9. Raising the minimum deployement altitude would not directly affect reserve deployment altitude. Last year I watched a guy do a hop n pop and have a step through malfunction that he rode down to my guestimate of around a 1,000 ft AGL. He then finally cut it away and ended up having his AAD fire his reserve for him. I thought for sure I was watching a fatality. You can't legislate away stupid. I don't see low reserve openings as being a result of having a 2k minimum opening altitude.
  10. The "basement" is never a safer place. If you intend to go low you are increasing your risk no matter how you look at it. It might be a trade off between going low and avoiding someone else. But it's definitely an increase in the risk factor. Opening high gives you more time to deal with any potential issues. If you can't deal with the traffic then maybe you should learn some CRW or better canopy control or learn to track better.
  11. True, but what I am trying to ask is if there really is a problem? Are we having lots of people pulling too low? Are they pulling at 2k because that's the minimum? And is it causing any major close calls?
  12. No it's not, but they might be after the secondary effect of making such a rule. Once 2500ft becomes the hard deck for everyone's main deployment, it will work it's way in as the new 'standard'. Eventaully, it will become accpeted as the standard, and people will begin planning jumps around it. It's not that bad of an idea given the changes to the sport since the 2k rule was instituded. Canopies have shifted toward slower openings, and at the same, become more HP and are flown at higher WLs, making malfunctions that much more violent and/or with a higher descent rate. Both situations make more altitude a good thing. My ditter is set for 3,000 ft AGL so I always plan on opening higher then 2,500 ft AGL. So this wouldn't have any effect on me. Over 90 percent of my jumps in the last 5 years have been team training jumps so I might be a little out of touch with what the average skydiver is doing. Is there really a problem with skydivers taking it down to 2,000 ft? Just to add, I think it's a good idea to open higher. But I don't think it's necessary to make it a rule.
  13. It's not an enforcable rule, unless you force them to hand over a Protrack or Neptune. The difference between 2,500 and 2,000 isn't easily determined by sight.
  14. Awesome! I will be there this weekend for the Mountain State Boogie, it's a tunnel boogie.
  15. They have a lot of instructors there that are good freefly coaches, Mike Silva or Josh Evans are both amazing flyers and both work there.
  16. I have spent the majority of my tunnel time at Denver and I think they have a great group of instructors there. You can buy tunnel time in smaller blocks. On their website it says you can buy time by the minute at 15 dollars a minute. If you continue to have trouble getting in touch with someone there I can contact the marketing person there for you and get you set up.
  17. I thought lightnings require having some fabric sticking out of the container! Otherwise they just don't have the same effect on new jumpers.
  18. I only met him a couple of times and only knew by his nickname, redcoat. He was a fun guy, liked to drink and goof off like everyone else.
  19. I have landed off more then 4 miles, but it was due to unusual circumstance.
  20. Wow! With all the proximity flying he does I figured it would only be a matter of time before he got too close. He is extremely lucky he isn't dead.
  21. Just to emphasize, make sure you have it checked out by a rigger you trust. That said 1200 jumps on a container made in 2007 should not be any where near it's end of life. If it's well taken care of you could put another 1000 jumps on it.
  22. From the article, it says he just has a broken leg.
  23. My prescription isn't that strong. I now have two of their sunglasses. One with the inserts and one with the prescription in the frame. I like the non insert much better.
  24. Get some canopy coaching and make sure they video some of your landings so they can show you what you need to change in your flare. That will help you much more then any advice given here.