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  1. It's not a done deal yet.
  2. There is always something to learn from on every jump. It helps to acknowledge the things you did right. You didn't panic. You were able to recover from the spin by yourself with out any help. Just remember if you aren't making any mistakes then you are not trying hard enough. Making mistakes is part of learning. As you learn from your mistakes you will make fewer and fewer mistakes and will need to push yourself harder to learn more. Just relax and keep working at it.
  3. A lot people don't figure that out and try to push things as fast as they can and skip a lot of very important steps, often that results in injury. Good for you, sounds like you are going in the right direction.
  4. Pay attention to your instructor, follow instructions and relax.
  5. Over 2300 jumps and only 1 cutaway due to spinning line twists.
  6. Call it whatever you want, but it still adds up to online coaching. How is anyone supposed to critique your landing with only your description? Also to add, I didn't miss the part where you said you did receive coaching. So to elaborate go talk to your canopy coach instead of asking for advice online.
  7. The correct answer is to get a qualified canopy coach and not try to learn to swoop from the internet. He apparently didn't like the answer.
  8. I was fully committed to building a tunnel in Dallas as soon as I won that huge Megamillions lottery! Unfortunately my plans fell through when I didn't win as I was certain I would.
  9. I keep hearing about a tunnel being built in the future in the Austin area, but I haven't heard of any construction being done. I don't think we will see a tunnel in Texas for at least a couple of years.
  10. The Bahamas address is for the International part of SV. That website is their international version of their website. The US version shows Austin as their address. You should do better research.
  11. You are just assuming that the DZO is aware and condones this and since the rule hasn't been implemented yet it's not even relevent.
  12. You are referring to the trial and error method of learning. The problem with that is far too often the error part stops you from ever doing anything anymore. Swooping is NOT something that can be learned online or from reading a book.
  13. It depends on how far you want to go with skydiving. If you plan on competing, teaching or participating in bigwasy/records, then investing in a good custom suit is a must. But if all you intend to do is fun jumps then it might not be necessary to get anything else.
  14. Awesome video! Love the editing!
  15. Just to reiterate. Knowing where the stall point is, is very important. It tells you how much range you have in your toggles for flaring. It should be a habit to always know where the stall point is on every canopy you fly. After any changes regarding risers or lines make sure to do practise flares up high to find the stall point. Stalling out your canopy during landing can cause serious injury.
  16. If she is so smart and professional then she should know not to buy or rent living space near an airport. Everything has been done within reason to minimize noise.
  17. Yeah, it includes the coach. If you want a specific coach that doesn't work for SVCO you need to get with that person and buy the time through them. An example of that is Mickey Nuttall. You would need to conact him and buy the tunnel time through him to be coached by him.
  18. That's the same price I got from Skydive Dallas and it's for any time. Assuming it hasn't changed since January.
  19. Check with Skydive Dallas, I think they still offer a discount on tunnel time at Skyventure Colorado.
  20. I seriously doubt any tunnel would allow you to do this. I could see this easily causing you injury if you were to get unstable and spin around getting it entangled around your arms or legs.
  21. To add to this... The mentality of "getting the shot" is often not a conscious thought. It's something that sneaks up on you despite wanting to forget the camera is there and just fly your body. Too often newbies say they plan wearing a camera and just turning it on and forgetting about it and it often doesn't work out that way. It doesn't always have bad results but it does increase the possibility significantly.
  22. My all time favorite was "I drive better drunk because I am more paranoid"
  23. Nobody said skydiving or swooping is safe. There are worse things then dying. I have a friend who is paralyzed for life. He was doing a solo jump and working on flying head down. Had a premature deployment of his main. He was wearing a camera. His opening shock was so strong that the whiplash caused a seperation of vertabrae in his neck. When it came back together it was offset. If he wasn't wearing the camera chances are the whiplash wouldn't have been so bad. Not everything translates to fatalitys. And just because wearing camera isn't as dangerous as swooping doesn't mean it's safe.