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  1. Clearing the airspace wasn't the major problem. Crossing the runway so low was the first problem!!! Clearing the airspace doesn't always work. It's easy to miss things and think you have clear airspace. Crossing the runway below 500ft where planes are most likely to be is just plain stupid.
  2. If you never hit the walls then you aren't trying hard enough. Everyone hits the wall at some point in their learning.
  3. I am looking for details of what happened in this incident. Type of turn, estimated altitude, weather conditions, WL, eye-witness accounts etc, etc..... You know, the usual things people discuss about incidents instead of all this chest-beating about "We all knew this was going to happen". I am not looking for comments on my jumping choices. You are looking in the wrong thread. It would be in the incident thread and it appears that no one in the know is interested in posting that information.
  4. beowulf

    Stupid question.

    They aren't going to let you fly with no experience. You need to at least go through some coaching and get signed off on belly flying in the tunnel. Tunnel flying is not with out risk.
  5. I will be there standing in line to get in!!! Can't wait!!
  6. It would be awesome if you could drive by and take some pictures! I am thinking of driving down from Dallas just to see this myself!
  7. It would be really cool to see some pictures of the construction. I am anxious to see it built. It means I would be driving down to Austin a lot!
  8. You could always learn to pack parachutes and work at the dropzone packing for the school or other skydivers. That would help pay for your skydiving or just put money in your pocket.
  9. If you are not hitting the walls you're not trying hard enough!! Pushing yourself to learn more takes risk and in terms of the tunnel you risk hitting the wall.
  10. If the DZ staff were that incompetent then it's better for the student that they rejected him and the student find a different dropzone.
  11. Too bad that was not a skydive. It was a great stunt although. They could have done more rounds, so many boxes left. He exited an aircraft with a parachute and landed safely. How is that not a skydive? Because he didn't use the parachute? So if someone goes in with out anything out, does that mean that person did not die skydiving?
  12. Too bad that was not a skydive. It was a great stunt although. They could have done more rounds, so many boxes left. He exited an aircraft with a parachute and landed safely. How is that not a skydive?
  13. I think all AFFI's should supplement their freefall training with tunnel training. But tunnel should not be a replacement for freefall time.
  14. I have had two of their suits one tunnel suit and their Inverted Hybrid freefly suit. I have been very happy with Vertical suits. Excellant quality and workmanship. They last! I would recommend them ot anyone and everyone.
  15. When they start hiring instructors/staff and advertising I will begin to get excited. I hope this will happen. It will cut down on travel costs a lot.
  16. It's not a done deal yet.
  17. There is always something to learn from on every jump. It helps to acknowledge the things you did right. You didn't panic. You were able to recover from the spin by yourself with out any help. Just remember if you aren't making any mistakes then you are not trying hard enough. Making mistakes is part of learning. As you learn from your mistakes you will make fewer and fewer mistakes and will need to push yourself harder to learn more. Just relax and keep working at it.
  18. A lot people don't figure that out and try to push things as fast as they can and skip a lot of very important steps, often that results in injury. Good for you, sounds like you are going in the right direction.
  19. Pay attention to your instructor, follow instructions and relax.
  20. Over 2300 jumps and only 1 cutaway due to spinning line twists.
  21. Call it whatever you want, but it still adds up to online coaching. How is anyone supposed to critique your landing with only your description? Also to add, I didn't miss the part where you said you did receive coaching. So to elaborate go talk to your canopy coach instead of asking for advice online.
  22. The correct answer is to get a qualified canopy coach and not try to learn to swoop from the internet. He apparently didn't like the answer.
  23. I was fully committed to building a tunnel in Dallas as soon as I won that huge Megamillions lottery! Unfortunately my plans fell through when I didn't win as I was certain I would.