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  1. dldproductions


    First thing first, I'm writing this with a smart phone so sorry for the typos. Used this actioncam for a full summer filming tandems ans i've gotta say it's been good to me. With the automatic shutdown option and one touch record, you can go 3/4 of your day with a single battery charge. Generic batteries from china works just as good for a super low price. The problem is the lack of screen to look at the footage. Tried syncing with smart phone but the process is tideous within a busy day at the dropzone. No hypeye conectivity and vey low berp sound makes it impossinle to hear if camera stops filming after opening but with the lock preventing riserslap shutdowns, you can rely on it to be still rolling no matter what happens... I'm hoping all of the cons will be resolve with the liveview remote I just ordered which is a wrist weared lcd screen and controls which should help filming the ground shots and solve the "dude..is the record timer counting?" Reflex on jump run...
  2. Thanks for your contribution but again... DSLR is not an option for me... I bought the G12, I'll use it to the best extent possible. I do not wish to compare anything on this thread... I just want to get better results with the G12... Thanks
  3. Thank you very much Doug! Great stuff... I don't write much on this forum, but I've read my share and I want to personally thank you for all the time you take for us less knowledgeable ones :) Would you know about any good action sport photography eLearning courses out there? Thanks
  4. Will try if I get some jumpin done this week end! Thanks
  5. Unfortunately it is totally blurred, not just the center. I've attached two pics, one good one bad so you guys can see what I'm talking about... I figure it is caused by movement and that there is not a lot to do, but since I don't know much about photography, I thought I'd get your thoughts on it... I know what you mean, but I kept mine and for the price, I'd rather use it than sell it... DSLR is not an option for me...
  6. Hey guys! I've been playing around with the G12 for about a hundred dives and I always get a couple blurred pics in freefall (using it for tandem photography). Any input to get better results would be appreciated! Anyone wants to share the setting they use? On my end : -TV mode: 1/500 -Iso: auto -Continuous AF shooting -"spot" focus (not sure about that one as I do not have my camera with me at the moment).. Thanks for your input! (P.S. please do not make this thread about G12 Vs DSLR for tandem shooting...TY)
  7. I also shoot in 720p 60fps... Good footage that can be usable for super slow mo's if you have the right software...
  8. I use my gopro for skydiving and alpine skiing... I lost my mounts two times in cold temperature... They do look and feel solid... but I do not trust them anymore... IMO, get yours screwed on an helmet that as a cutaway system...
  9. Maybe, but I often see coaches wearing them, or RW jumpers pulling hook turns... And (correct me if i'm wrong) a lot of "gone bad" situations involving speed at landing will result in a knee-then-face landing (more chances of cervical spine injuries)...
  10. Well I've seen someone with 6 bones fractured in the face from hitting the top of a tree and fall down on his face and he now looks fine (no apparent facial scars... as for brain damage, well he sounded fine in his speech but I've seen the man only once since and he actually started jumping again.. ) So if the question is, would I rather have my face or neck broken? I'll go with the face... Did anyone witness cervical injuries following frontal impact with full face helmets at their local DZ?
  11. Hey guys, I'm curious to have your take on this. I was talking with my physioherapist yesterday about the incidence of wearing a fullface helmet for frontal impact injury and she explained to me that chin bars are commonly the cause of cervical fractures in mountain biking, atv and such. Having seen one skydiver turned quadriplegic after a swoop that went wrong (he was wearing a full face helm) I'm wondering if this matter should be raised around dropzones.. It's sad to say that swooping injury often involves frontal impact. Anyone health professionals (or not) have an opinion on this?
  12. Here's my two favorite shots from last year... Might not look like it, but believe me there were holes under us! Blue Skies...
  13. Are these neck roll preventing from keeping your head up when taking a shot lower than the tandem? Thanks for your advice guys...
  14. Hey guys... just bought a g12 couple days ago... I can't seem to get the 2.1 fps in continuous shooting mode... I think the SDHC card writing speed is the problem... what kind of cards would be the better (class vs writing speed)? Thanks Oliver