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  1. robskydiv

    hop and pop incidents

    When I used to jump at Ft. Cambell, Ky and the ceiling was low we would do "StackOuts". Hop n Pops from 3,500 ft. It was fun.
  2. robskydiv

    Ideal jump ship

  3. robskydiv

    The Genius of USPA "Marketing"

    I agree with your point and premise Chuck. As to Bill saying that it's not for non-skydivers I disagree. We're not "Masons."
  4. robskydiv

    Kids say the darndest things.

    My six year old daughter says: "Love cuts the cheese off badness." I think it's a version of a proverb: "A kind answer turns away wrath."
  5. robskydiv

    So, You Want to Be a Rigger?

    Awesome OP JHooknSwoop! Used to think 'bout becoming a rigger until I saw how involving that it is. Still would like to one day... Hats of to all of the riggers here. My riggers have never let me down and even saved my life once.
  6. robskydiv

    Belly Suit

    That new Deepseed suit really caught my eye. Check it out and see what you think about it....
  7. robskydiv

    finally did my first solo jump!

    Ya just have to find the sweet spot. You will, don't worry.
  8. robskydiv

    Post-nuptial shut-off

    They say the thing that kills sex life is called Wedding Cake.
  9. robskydiv

    Head Position in a Track

    When I was an activer jumper I felt like Maxtracking (post breakoff) was one of my stronger skills. I have afterburners on my jumpsuit and I feel like they really gave me alot more speed and possibly lift, of course I would keep my chin tucked for awhile then locate the other 3 jumpers I was with. Near my last jumps I was having some heading control issues which may have been caused by a lazy foot so I concentrated on pointing my toes more and findig a point on the horizon to focus on also. It always seemed that after opening that I was very far from the others both horizontally and somewhat vertically.
  10. robskydiv

    Skydiving with a cold

    Hey D, at least you didn't have a bunch of snot leave your nose during freefall, land and have someone notice a bunch of brown stuff on your goggles.
  11. robskydiv

    Customized gearbag

    The second pic is better.
  12. robskydiv

    What comes after your first hop n pop?

    Keep goi'n! The fun is about to begin.
  13. robskydiv


    Thanks for posting that link Wendy. It made for enjoyable reading.
  14. robskydiv

    Mike Igo

    In 1997, I purchased my gear from J. Michael Brown via his advertisement in "Parachutist." Little did I know I would make a few jumps there at Gold Coast a couple of years later, having gone to Camp Shelby for some training. I got to meet J Michael and of course Mike Igo. I didn't know anyone there, but Mike, Travis and J Michael made me feel welcome. I would return in 2004-2005 being stationed at Keesler, AFB and would jump there often during this time frame. Mike was a true professional. He facilitated 2 Twin Otters many a time, one flying the CREW dogs or a local 8-way team and the other for the rest of the jumpers. This all went on without a hitch. He cared for all of the jumpers as you could see him watching all of the jumpers land, accounting for all of them. May God richly bless you Leanne and comfort all of you. Harry Robinson