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  1. Not any more, it was sold off a while ago due to lack of use It was a good plane but I believe it did have structural issues with the tailplane (we had a newspaper article taped to the back of the fuselage of a Nomad that had it's tailplane ripped off in flight)
  2. My reserve is packed by an 18 year old...doesn't worry me
  3. skymick


    Starlight is from there lastest album which isn't really like any of their previous 3 albums but go ahead and download the songs above but I'll also add: Citizen Erased Stockholme Syndrome
  4. We had about 45 on there but im sure we could have easily got 50-55 crammed in if we tried
  5. Hey guys, last Friday a group of 40 of us did a demo jump into Avalon airshow in Australia from a Spartan C-27J, the Italian aircrew told us we were the first people to ever jump out of a Spartan in the I'd believe we were the first down under to do it, but I'm not too sure about being first in the world (though that would be very cool ). So I'm just wondering if anyone out there has jumped one of these before? Cheers
  6. Q. What do you call an Ethiopian woman with a yeast infection? A. A quarter-pounder with cheese
  7. Hi guys, I have recently completed setting up a camera setup (cookie helmet with HC32and a .45 lens on side and Pentax MZ50 w/24mm lens on top) and start filming some tandems. Now I have been two different stories with regards to the orientation of the stills cameras. First one is that the stills camera should be pointed slightly to the left (the side the vid camera is on) and calibrated so that when looking through the ring sight it should be correctly centered at whatever distance Ill be filming tandem from (say 1-2 meters). This means that when im in the right position both films and stills should come out nicely but if im too close or too far they will not match up perfectly. The second one is that the stills should just both point directly forward, in this case the subject may not be perfectly centered, but the wide angle lens should cover any offset the stills has compared to the ringsight/vid camera. What is the best way to go? Cheers
  8. ditto, it is a great book but tends to focus on paragliders a bit more but apart from the thermal/turbs sections it also explains a lot of macro-meteorology as well which is great for forecasting and very interesting (well for me anyway
  9. Man you must be bored to trawl through threads that are three years old!
  10. Nah no luck finding any 100 series anywhere (ebay or retail). I might try a local cash converters store though...
  11. I'm looking at a reasonably cheap camera setup - mainly for tandem/general use. I have decided to stick with Sony but considering they no longer make cams with a LANC port I am finding it a pain to source an older model however I have found a HC-32 slightly used on ebay for $300(AU) but there are a few days left on the auction so I'm guessing it will go for around $400. Otherwise a local shop is clearing out a HC42 for $691(AU). The main difference between the two is the CCD size; the 32 has a 1/6' CCD with 680k pixels and the 42 has a 1/5.5' CCD with 1070k pixels. Does the extra size of the CCD make any noticeable difference in the real world? If so what do you think about forking out the extra $$$ for the H-42? Cheers Mick
  12. Wasn't it Josef Stalin who said "One death is a tragedy but 1 million deaths is a statistic"? I guess that applies here somewhat...
  13. skymick

    Formating HD

    hmm might be a BIOS thing then? I think the BIOS on older compters generally can only support up to a certain size. If it's an older computer maybe try upgrading the BIOS to a newer version?
  14. skymick

    Formating HD

    You need to enable 48bit Logical Block Addressing but that should be done by default in SP1 try this....;en-us;303013&Product=winxp