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  1. what's up, i'm looking for orange smoke to use on a demo, i can't find anything but paintball smoke grenades, but i don't think those are going to work. does anyone know where to find orange skydiver smoke? thanks kelly
  2. i was looking at the jojo manufacturing web site and i'm way interested in this tandem canopy being that we jump in very high winds in hawaii...but does anyone know anything about this canopy?? openings, how it flys, anything?? later
  3. my bro brenden has a 103 jvx and he loves it, he's about 290 out the door... i've jumped it and it flys great, i'm about 220 out the door take it easy
  4. the manufacturer would have the line trim, shoot icarus an e-mail....or try a service center....para-concepts has been really great for me when i had some patches put on my vx. mel at skyworks is great also, he did my last lineset on an fx 115 that i sent to him. later
  5. could be out of trim is what is sounds like to me, i have 400 jumps on an 84 fx and i loved it at the time it was a great parachute...still is, maybe it's really old and ragged out too.... later
  6. i've had a few conversations with my buddy who works at aerodyne, dominic, and he said the same thing that a smaller reserve actually has a better chance of surviving a high speed opening due to the less material comparied to the same reserve that is larger....not to say a smaller reserve is better is something that makes you think later
  7. start has a pond??? i know i was only there once but i didn't see any pond....maybe they built one.... later
  8. first let me say i agree with this........but then i have a question has an issue with this ever come up....has a canopy ever come out?? i'm just wondering later
  9. skygod7777

    Kids fall rate

    haha, yea, well it was after that pic was taken i could get all the ladies because i was a bad later
  10. skygod7777

    Kids fall rate

    i would say yes you could get in the tunnel with him and be able to fly....i did it when i was a kid with my dad and other people. i posted a pic of me when i was says 11 but i was born in 87 and the pic was taken in 95 my dad is retarded i think, but anyway you see the guy is flying with me just fine. later
  11. what ever happened to the 5 chamber design that was showed at PIA?? will this be that canopy?? just wondering, i'm way to broke to be buying a new canopy right now. later
  12. haha, did you throw your cutaway handle later