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  1. Hello~ I loved this: "Anyone who asks: 'Why would you jump out a perfectly good airplane?' Has obviously never been to a drop zone.... and seen the plane. " Just made me totally laugh cause that is the exact answer I got when I asked my friends to go and then when they saw my video they were like it looks like it needs some work!!! hahahahaha Thanks for the laugh and welcome!!
  2. was actually amazing cause I was not nervous at all the whole time gearing up...going up in the plane...or getting ready to jump!! It was the weirdest thing and I think people dont believe me until they watch my video at how calm and happy I was to jump!! I LOVED the whole experience and it was like nothing else mattered the whole time I was in the sky was like my mind went blank and I just enjoyed the moment!!! It makes life now I think more meaningful and how we should live each day fully!! I have never been happier since I jumped!!!
  3. Yea....I definitely agree with you!!! Everyone thinks I am totally insane but I LOVED it and cannot wait to get back up there and I am sure that they are all sick of hearing me talk about it but it changed me forever...just wish they could experience the amazing sport of skydiving!!!
  4. I am right there with to skydiving but every time I hear a plane I am like ...geez..wish I was up there jumping!!! hahahaha I also am more conscious of the sky and the clouds...amazing how one little experience can change ya forever!!!
  5. Enjoyed the Video....Looked like so much fun!!!!
  6. Congratulations!! Loved watching the video...cant wait to do that myself!!!
  7. Hello pwln~ thanks so much for the advice and I will definitely look into that at skydive greene county!!!
  8. Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone!!!
  9. Hello All~ I am brand new to skydiving...made my first tandem jump at the beginning of august and already have another set for october for a sun-set jump!! I am so excited and have never enjoyed anything as much as skydiving!! I cant wait to learn more and to be able to jump by myself one day!!!