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  1. dzpunk

    Is it possible???

    not sure, but if it is...
  2. dzpunk

    Sex and skydiving

    sex is a great way to start any day, but i like drunken sex better. jump first
  3. dzpunk

    appreitation of the packers

    sounds more like extortion to me. monkeys would have gotten your friend on the load for free(even on a short call), and with a couple of trash can lids you wouldn't even have had to deal with the poo flinging. you got ripped off dude. check out the guy right above my post, bragging about the fact that he has a chop stick in his tongue. do you really want someone who's job is every bit as important as an EMT's to be looking like the reject from the last Jackass audition? sorry dude you did get ripped. oh yeah as far as what i look like. thats your opinion and its your right to say it. its my job to protect your rights. im a us army soldier who has spent the last ten months in iraq. and if you want to take one look at me and judge me, i suppose thats your right too. but i feal really sorry for anyone else whose mind is as narrow as yours.
  4. dzpunk

    appreitation of the packers

    before i joined the army i was a weekend packer on my dz and never payed cash for my jumps. my favorite customers took care of me and i did the same in return. i've climbed trees, spent countless hours sorting out a cutaway, and helped with almost everything you can do to a main without a sewing machine. im not complaining, i loved every minute of it. it is also a great way to learn alot about equipment. packing payed for around 500 of my jumps. so as a packer i would like to thank everyone that is to lazy to pack or just likes how i do it. ps: it also payed for gear, my tandem rating, my coach rating, and my FIRST jump.
  5. dzpunk

    appreitation of the packers

    You are my favorite kind of customer, you can keep your money if you buy me beer. unless its close to the end of the month, thats when i need to eat
  6. dzpunk

    Something spooky

    Oh hell I mean heck yeah! I can come do a jump in my red leather suit with cape and swoop through rows of Then we can all drink wine and have a blood orgy but instead of blood we can use wine and instead of an orgy we can all play poker. you have managed to take all the fun out of the end of the world
  7. dzpunk

    If you can't get laid...

    does fruit qualify as a "toy"? Ps: dont eat the watermelon
  8. dzpunk


    probably written before i was born
  9. dzpunk

    Men and Nipple Piercings

    Hey i resemble that remark. i dont have mine done yet but plan on. im going with 14 gauge at first though. i dont plan on gaugeing `em but i didnt plan on gaugeing my tounge either. now ive got a 4! ps: im in the army, who'da thunk it
  10. dzpunk

    Warning ...

    i hate to be the one to rain on your parade, but if you dont do drugs then mabey you should. im not suggesting illeagel ones, but mabey some mind (and mood) altering substances could help you out. this is a place for polite conversation. so drink a beer, chase it with some jack and possibly a valium and relax. ps: what did your son do in iraq? just curious because im almost done over here.
  11. dzpunk

    Long Hair Vs Short Hair

    i do agree 100% but if its long enough to get my fingers locked in it, i can get by just fine. also i would like to make a suggestion. tieing someones hair to the headboard, however funny it may be, is never a good idea. unless it was discussed before hand.
  12. dzpunk

    Long Hair Vs Short Hair

    i voted long but i like both. i get bored quickly so i like when women keep me guessing. but i do miss my long hair.
  13. dzpunk

    my new tandem rig ;)

    nice rig sid, but dont ask the monkey how to close it! ps. i think chucky's looks the best. but im kinda partial to orange and blue.
  14. dzpunk

    Sittin in Iraq

    im sittin in baip at striker, the generator caught on fire so i got online after they got the power up.
  15. dzpunk

    Your favorite band/song currently...

    pennywise/my own way. but everyone needs to hear thowndown/baby got back if for nothing else but its comedic value. im also dissappointed strung out hasn't been mentioned.