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  1. sorry for the delay in response. it would have more rigid shape, more harness sensitivity, better rear range and response, slightly shorter dive and lots more forward drive. a great mix of traits for most jumpers we generally start offering the wing at 200 jumps. Hope that helps
  2. Did the reddit quote help? like a crossfire, sabre, and kitana had a baby and it was more fun than all 3. :)
  3. The Echo is now avaliable from Fluid Wings Super strong offering that will really be a fun addition to the sport jumpers quiver. Lots of good technology used in ultra class wings being brought to the canopies we all fly. Enjoy the openings, and love the flight. Flare for days and rears that feel right. LMK If you have any questions. 107, 120, 135, 150, 170
  4. the Tango is a crossbraced 5 cell. i have jumped the smallest made at the time. 68 sq feet, and i think i have a few on a 64. might have been a few feet bigger. Openings are interesting. we tried some pretty wild things to make them easier. if you have any specific questions i would be happy to answer. They are efficient at going down more so than the matrix, but the matrix is more efficient side to side. both are very fast. the docking lines are vectran with a dacron sheath on the legal parts of the lines. vectran hides well and there are definite advantages to using it.
  5. I have flown the Prototype It is called the Echo and it is a really nice fit!!! what questions can i answer in particular?
  6. 1 size bigger than the same size sail if all FT30
  7. the Fluid Wings RDS has been very well received from the community. it pairs exceptionally well with the Fluid semi-stowless bag. Ido work there and am biased (can you blame me?) :) but the new slider design is one of the easiest to use in the industry, and we will happily make it to your size and color specs. Cant best the price.
  8. Weather you like crw, rw, vrw, or you are a student, iad or tandem, u can find world class skydivers at Maytown for all of those disciplines... I started skydiving at Maytown this summer as an iad student... the club atmosphere actually allowed me to get into the sport for an amount of money that was reasonable...not for profit... the instruction you receive there is free except a reasonable 50 dollar per jump student fee which includes everything(even gear),precise and priceless... the other skydivers are easy going and patient with any and all questions... and always safe.. and at $18 for 10k not bad for seasoned flyers either!!! I fell in love with this sport because of the people and the opportunity at Maytown... I hope if you are new and want the most amazing experience, or if you're a seasoned head-down flyer, that you stop bye there and say hi... You'll be glad you did, and a better skydiver for it!!!!