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  1. Hi All! Lets say equally loaded crossfire and jfx are landing… Would one expect to transition from rears to toggles sooner on a crossbraced canopy, or are canopies like crossfires fly longer on rears due to flat trim? thank u! And of course, practice up high!!!!
  2. Folks, I’m sure this has been asked before.... where can I read up on JFX vs crossfire flight characteristics and comparisons? Also looking to find if the JFX is suitable for AFF jumping with long spots thanks!!!!
  3. Folks, I’m sure this has been asked before.... where can I read up on JFX vs crossfire flight characteristics and comparisons? Also looking to find if the JFX is suitable for AFF jumping with long spots thanks!!!!
  4. ha! it wasnt you :) I just hate this site, and bozos on it, so i wanted to unsubscribe before my inbox filled up with notifications... but unfortunately I dont see an option to stop notifications on a thread that you've replied to To answer your question, anything can get caught on any mount. There are plenty of videos that illustrate pilot chutes wrapping, even gopros going into D handles. Pretty dumb way to go in if you ask me. Get a cutaway system, and stop fucking with the box
  5. Does it matter? lol now.. on to unsubscribe from feed :)
  6. So.. I figured people on this thread would be interested. Had my first snag on GoPro. ~2K jumps with one, never an issue. Getting the helmet off was almost impossible. Very lucky. I'd recommend a cutaway system :)
  7. absolutely, will see a physician next monday, right after a long weekend of jumps. thanks a ton! Also, im not the first person to report feeling like this. I know several people that feel like shit the next day :)
  8. Great! Thanks a Ton! I see one on Amazon : What should the reading be for a 35 year old male, 220lbs, slim/fit ? Thanks!
  9. Something like this would be my guess as well. From the sound of your posts I'm assuming you're a regular jumper so we're not talking about unusual muscle strain / activity. I do know that I tend to eat very differently on a DZ than I do at home. It may be that a change in diet is throwing your body off... Is what you eat / drink at the DZ different to what you'd have during the week? Describing your symptoms might help too. Is it mental - is it different to being tired? Are you feeling nauseous or have a lack of appetite? Thanks! Yes, I dont have any appetite issues.. eat as usual. I'll try to get more liquids down, but that does not seem to help much. Job is excellent, I love what I do :) Otherwise I wouldnt care so much :) Problems are all mental, muscles are fine. Feel completely spacey and have no power to concentrate on tasks.
  10. I'll give that a shot, although I've gone to see massage therapists right after hard openings, and they DO help tremendously. The type of skydives does not seem to matter however, and I certainly do not feel this way after 2-3 days of straight tunnel. It must be something with decompression :(
  11. Folks, I am a bit worried about my health on Mondays. After a long skydiving weekend, I go home, rest for at least 8 hours, and go to work. For the past 8 years I have yet to be able to figure out what I can do different to mitigate the hang-over effect I get after a skydiving weekend. I've tried everything... 1. cardio and fitness (im not out of shape by any means) 2. drinking more water than an elephant. 3. not drinking a single beer (gasp). Nothing seems to work. The following day I always feel miserable, and can barely function while in the office. Since my work is closely related with computers, I really can barely stand this any longer. Hence this post. Has anyone been able to conquer this shit? Are there any docs here that can give some possible insights?
  12. no, dont be a pussy. keep it open all the way
  13. Folks, Can someone do the math for me? :) (without doing the obvious bs) :) Situation: Jumper pulls at 2K feet, Canopy Crossfire2 opens ~1K feet, loading ~2.0. Vigil2 Pro. Is the jumper in danger of setting off the AAD under normal opening conditions (no twists/mals) ? I was always under impression the AADs fire ~750ft. But now reading the manual it seems this number is somewhere between 840 and 1100... My knee-jerk answer is that you're close, but still OK, as your rate of descent is much slower than 78mhp. Thanks!
  14. Guys , anyone know for sure the rig / canopy that was used ? Just curious... Vector ? Is that a V3 logo on his harness?
  15. You're mad at someone else for you deciding to land your crossfire without looking at the LZ first? yeah his rule seems a little rediculous, but come on dude..... absolutely, lesson learned :)
  16. The alternate (student) field is 1 mile away. Grass is waste deep in the spring, and totally rutted out by tractors. The DZ 'borrows' the field from a local hillbilly If you show up to Snohomish, and the DZO has not approved you landing 'at the airport', you will be asked to land at the student field. (regardless of your rating) If you're jumping with a low number jumper, you'll be landing at the student field :) Exactly what happened to me... DZO gave us an extensive briefing, looks at my knee brace, my D license, smirks, and told me to go land in the student field. asshole failed to mention grass was super high. Crossfires dont like tall grass. fuck that place
  17. :( Announcement: I am sorry to announce that as of 7-5-12, wingsuiting will be suspended indefinitely at Skydive Snohomish. Following months of research, review and collaboration with many members of the greater skydiving community, this decision has been made in the interest of maintaining high safety standards at Skydive Snohomish. Much progress was made in coming up with an acceptable procedure to accommodate existing operations and DZ specific variables. Some of the major issues that Snohomish faces which can't be easily changed right now are the two LZ set-up, up to 3 planes routinely operating at the same time, wingsuit flight paths over densely populated areas, the lack of comprehensive training and qualification, and the increased logistical workload it would take for DZ staff and the wingsuiting community to manage qualification, in-air separation and communication. I spend a great deal of time considering the skydivers and their ambitions, and the last thing I want to do is unnecessarily bridle anyone's passion for the sport or the discipline they choose to pursue. Individually, the above issues could probably be addressed, but as a whole they represent a safety risk that in good conscience, I can not support. I'd like to thank Bob Folline for leading the effort in developing a plan and the rest of the wingsuiters that provided council, experience and ideas. The work that has been done will not be wasted and will contribute greatly to the work that USPA is doing to establish comprehensive training and valid experience qualifications. I know this news will be very disappointing for many people. I, too, am disappointed not to be able to see that work come to a positive result for all. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Tyson Harvey
  18. Altoids mints box... too big. altoids also makes a mini mints box... that would work :)
  19. really? that bad? what are the issues with safety?
  20. Guys, other than these folks: (whos email seems to be b0rken), are there any other companies on the market? Thanks!
  21. Thanks! Both DZs run twin otters? Camping? :) Drinking? :)
  22. Hey Folks, Possibly relocating to Seattle. Aside from all the bad weather hype, what is the season like ? Anyone jump at kapowsin ? Suggestions ? Thanks !