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  1. Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

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    Relative Workshop Vector II (V5) Harness/Container. Condition is "Excellent." It's been in dark storage so it still has bright colors. RSL Installed. Setup for AAD. Pilot-chute pocket moved to BOC. I have maybe 100 jumps on it and it sat in my bedroom closet for decades in its gear bag. You won't find a nicer Vector II anywhere in the world. I had is stuffed with a 240 Sq Ft Sharpshooter Main and a 175 Sq Ft Swift-Plus Reserve. Myself I am 5'-11"and 200 Lbs. Harness should fit anyone from 5'-8" to 6'-2" 180 Lbs to 220 Lbs. The attached Relative Workshop chart is pack volume in cubic inches. Model: Vector II Size: V5 S/N: 19122 DOM: 10/05/1989 $20 Shipping USPS First Class. Blue Skies


    Seattle, Washington - US

  2. I am about to list my Vector II Harness & Container for sale along with my main, and reserve separately. Question; what goes with what? With the Harness & Container do I include Risers? Deployment Bag and bridle & Pin? I know this information is on the forum somewhere but I can't find it. Blue Skies - Dave
  3. Time Left: 25 days and 14 hours

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    Para-Flight Swift Plus-175 sq ft Reserve with Spectra Line in Excellent Condition, "Perfect Condition." No holes, tears, rips, or repairs. Never deployed, Zero Reserve Rides. Ten (10) re-packs over it's lifetime. Never seen the light of day outside a riggers packing table. Service Bulletin PFISB 9401 Incorporated on 12 MAY 1994. Rigger's Black Marker Identifying SB completion which has smeared can be seen in lower right side of photos. The Black Smug is Black Ink from a Stamp. P/N 827400-0 S/N R6-3192 DOM 08/1990


    Seattle, Washington - US

  4. Time Left: 22 days and 3 hours

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    *** THIS AAD HAS BEEN SOLD *** One (1) CYPRES 2, AAD, EXPERT 1-Pin DOM 05/2014 - Next Maintenance Due 05/2022 . S/N: 94744 Model: E/1/0 MAINTENANCE: For units with DOM 12/15 and earlier the maintenance is mandatory to be performed 4 and 8 years after the original DOM. 1st Service by SSK Industries was on 07/2018. Next Service due 05/2022 +- 6 months.


    Edmonds, Washington - US

  5. I loved jumpping at Perris. Its is in my top 10 DZ's of the world.
  6. John, you sound like my wife, "I should have never married a skydiver!" The thing is, she was a skydiver too at the time.
  7. Davelepka, I know what you mean when you say there are not enough chicks! I met my wife of 23 years on the DZ. Our 18 year old daughter just started jumping. She is a college freshman. So, you young guys; she does not have a boyfriend. I know she really has the hot’s for one of the instructors at our home DZ, I won’t say who. Check out her photo wearing her mother’s jumpsuit. Blue Skies
  8. Davelepka, Thanks for the advice. I apologize if I seemed to come off like a bonehead, it was not my intention. I was a long road eating a lot of $hit from the skygods to get on good loads. However, we both know even the skygods can go low on that 20 way. I hear what you are saying about canopy size. My first new rig was a SST Racer, with a Strong LoPo Lite reserve, and a Django Pegasus main. The Pegasus was a 220 sf F-111, 7 cell parachute. When I got older, I got a bigger main to save my back on those hot, no wind days. When I am ready to replace it, I won’t get some little ZP jockstrap. You may forget there were many T-10, 28’ rags, and PC’s in the landing area with the 7 cell F-111 canopies. I know I had well over 100 rag jumps before I got my Pegasus. It was not uncommon to see a wart rig on your RW load. New technology is better; new gear for me will be another Vector and a Specter or Triathlon with low wing loading. It is time I bought an AAD, and I really like that new Skyhook RSL that is out now, it’s a big improvement. USPA is really a great origination! I ordered the 2009-2010 Skydiver's Information Manual from the USPA store, its’ good to have a hard copy. My logbook has about 700 signed jumps with names and license numbers. I did try to get at least one jump a week logged & signed. I always logged the good ones like when I was number 20 out of the Twin Otter! Or that 40 way formation load. I found ST&A listed by state on the USPA website. I am going to shoot him an e-mail today and start my travel plans. I need a vacation and I am going to Skydive Arizona for a week in the bunk house. Blue Skies
  9. Kirk, Thanks for your response. I live in the Seattle, WA area and we do have two good DZ’s. As weather is often spotty until summer, I would rather complete my retraining in a one week session to get it out of the way. I may not have jumped in ten years but I remember how egos are such a big part of the sport. Not allowing someone on a load because their safety risk is a big issue that hangs in the air even when its not a real issue. I don’t want to address that topic at my home DZ. I spent a lot of time at Skydive Arizona (Coolidge, AZ) and Paris Valley in the 1980’s. You know Paris Valley always cracked me up because of their lawyer videos and waver process. I wonder what it is today; DNA testing and signed last will in testament pledging any lawsuit is paid by the estate. Hay, if they let me jump, I will sign the paper, stating my family will pay all of Paris Valley all legal fees and judgments on video, require my family to give DNA proving kinship, and eat a bug. Now, where is the manifest!
  10. I don’t know what the BSR’s say about returning jumpers and license requirements but I dought I will be required to enter a AFF course. I thought a jumpmaster or instructor would run me through crap like airplane procedures, malfunctions, and emergency procedures, hang me in a harness, maybe make one static line practice ripcord pull on student gear plus one or two stable delay jumps and demonstrating maneuvers. Then the rest of the week I could snivel onto loads to hone my old RW skills. I am willing to take whatever test USPA wants for my licenses. I now wished I logged all that freefall time. You know in my 20’s & 30’s it was all about having fun. Now at 53, I am ready to let the fun begin again!!!
  11. I bought my 18 year old daughter a first jump course for her birthday and “MAN” it was good to be back on the DZ again! I would really like to return to skydiving. I started jumping in 1982 and logged about 600 to 700 jumps. I only logged a few jumps every month just to show I was current. My last jump was in 1999. I still have my old gear I bought from Ralph! My new gear is a Vector 2 with RSL, Sharp Shooter 240 sf main which is F-111 with about 200 jumps on it, and a Swift Plus reserve, no AAD. Is my gear to obsolete? I rejoined USPA, got my first Parachutist. Additionally, I think I should take a vacation to Skydive Arizona or Paris Valley for a week so I could get good training and knock it out. Finally, jumping back in the 1980’s & 1990’s was not that big of deal. I never got a license because I never needed one; DZ just looked at my log book to see I had recent jumps signed me off. Now it seems I need one now, will my old jumps count? Please Advice. Blue Skies, Dave
  12. Terry, Wow! You make a very good case why not to incorporate major modifications into that rig. Thank's for your input. Too Bad, it still looks like new. Dave
  13. PhreeZone, Thanks, that sounds like a good place to start. I dough I am the first to ask about an AAD instillation on the Northern Lite III. I did not know they would consider doing the work, this is a big help. Regards, Skydiver1013
  14. In 1987 I bought my wife a new Northern Lite III, with a Para-Flite Cruselite main, and a Strong LoPo Lite reserve. The rig has been stored away for years and only has about 150 jumps on it. Our 18 year old daughter has started jumping and I would like to update it for her. I want to replace the round reserve with a square reserve, install an AAD, a RSL, and move the TPC from the right leg strap to the BOC. Strong lists their LoPo Lite pack volume as 442 cu in, PIA list it as 426 cu in. After the installation of a Vigil II – Two Pin AAD I would like to replace the round with a new Strong Stellar 180 @ 385 cu in. Does this sound like it could work? I would like to go smaller if I can she is a small girl at 5’-2” 105 lbs. North American Aerodynamics makes an Eagle 160 that packs at 365 cu in. Would the Eagle 160 reserve be too small for the container? After I select and buy the new equipment I need a Master Rigger to install the AAD, Square Reserve, RSL, and move the pilot chute to the BOC. I Live north of Seattle, WA and don’t have any Master Riggers in my area. I could ship the rig via UPS anywhere in the USA to get good work. Who would be a good Rigger for this job? Thanks the help. Skydiver1013