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  1. It's going to have to be a very mucus-filled loogey not to break up into mist during freefall. If you can manage that, I'm guess that you'll never see where it goes. It'd be funny if you can, though.
  2. Every AFF student through instructor is going to be stuffing paper planes in their jumpsuits after reading this. You've opened Pandora's Box..... There needs to be a spitting emoticon.
  3. +1 Except my rigger's wife is old, so...pass. I find there's a small difference in arm position in the tunnel. It's not 100% the same, but helps LOADS with body position. It also helped me with adjusting fall rate before getting out there with the coach jumps after AFF. As someone who's only slightly more experienced than you compared to all these sky gods around here, it helped me in-between my first solo and my coach jumps.
  4. I agree. I'd quit. The one option I don't understand is the last one. "Jumping until it happened." If you're going to do that, you might as well keep jumping AFTER it happened as well.
  5. A major award? We all know a story about another major award, and how it caused nothing but heartbreak... Elvisio "fra-gee-lay" Rodriguez LMAO!!! That dude was HAPPY with his "major award."
  6. Give her a free tandem. LOL. When I was a kid on a ranch in Oregon, there was a tiny little airport and skydivers would land on our property every Saturday. Didn't bother us one bit. My brother and I would RUN to go talk to them and ask them what it was like. Of course it wasn't a full on airport, it was really just another ranch and the owner cleared a runway and had a couple of planes. My dad gave them rides back every once in a while.
  7. HOLY SHIT! Dude, I don't need a video; that description was perfect.
  8. I'm not the "it's-cool-to-hate-him" bandwagon that some of my friends are on. He does rock. I thought he would win from the start. I will say one thing, though. When he made that elaborate entrance last week saying, "Look at me and what a star I am," I knew that a lot of people would hate him for it. I wasn't one of them, but I can understand how someone would think him pompous for doing that. That being said, I just thought in that particular week, Danny would get more votes. I didn't think that Adam would be in the bottom two.
  9. Nevermind. I checked him out on Youtube. That is the guy. It's a close call but Lutz still called it a malfunction instead of his own error.
  10. Ok, I'm a newbie. Who's Lutz and what did he do? He's not the guy that jettisoned right away and rode his reserve into the power lines, is he?
  11. The peregrine falcon kicks ASS. I never heard of 300mph, but definitely 200 and it's the fastest animal on the planet. VISCIOUS predator too. Pigeons beware.
  12. A few hours after the last jump, I have an adrenaline crash and have to eat a bunch. I wouldn't call it "the munchies" though, because for me it's different than wanting to snack on Doritos after getting high. It's more like I NEED SOME FOOD NOW!!!
  13. There is NOOO way that guy has the balls to come talk to me.
  14. Ditto. It's one of those movies that holds up for all generations. There have been several people that I've forced to watch this and they were all surprised at how good it was.
  15. Slightly off topic here, but there are AFF courses where there's only one instructor on level one? She said, "I recently spun out of control with one instructor on my first non-tandem." Is this just a cost-cutting thing or does someone see a benefit to this?
  16. I'd imagine the give a shit factor is quite high among all the people at the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the Special Olympics who benefited from the fund raising associated with the previous efforts. Really? That is actually cool. And don't misunderstand what I was saying about it. I didn't mean that it wasn't an amazing feat. I meant that it was a LOT of work for little recognition. Also, the doing it for yourself factor is probably the most motivating. I was going to respond to the personal attack from someone else, but I've changed my mind. It's not worth it.
  17. I'm wondering what the actual effort vs people who give a shit ratio is. Of course, if it's worth it to him, I guess he should do it. However, I can see people saying, "Oh, that's cool," and then forgetting about it a minute later. What was I talking about? I forget.
  18. This guy has it right. I jump at two places and there's always someone willing to jump with you for nothing more than covering his spot on the load (some will even be real nice and refuse that). Usually, it's the older guys who like to be a father figure and make sure everyone's as safe as possible. They enjoy teaching and making sure everyone's super safe.
  19. Really? LOL. A friend of mine did a tandem and I tipped the instructor and videographer.