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  1. Hi Just want to post this review cos I think Abel Tasman skydive deserves it. As you might not know, to go fun jumping in New Zealand is pretty difficult as most DZs are tandem factorys and cant be bothered with foreign jumpers and if they are you might only get 1-2 jumps in a day. I rocked up in Abel Tasman, everyone was real friendly, got a good DZ brief, gear check and off I was. The drop zone wants to keep a good allround operation and not just focus on tandems. There is alot of AFF and plenty of fun jumpers around if you want to jump with others, and the DZ will help you find someone your own level and manifest you up. The drop zone is based at the top of the south island, and views are awesome, good planes, having a Fletcher (9 people) and a Pilatus porter as well, jumps from 15000ft possible, prices are very affordable. So if ya wanna go jumping in NZ, got to visit Abel Tasman, very year they organise good boogies (Good vibes). Be careful though there are beer rules, so if its your 1st jump, need to get the beers in.
  2. Brand new DZ opened last year in Terni, just north of Rome, Italy. Setting the standards in Italy and poss Europe. Fast growing, good enthuasism and ideology from the owner Riccardo. Lots of things gonna be happenning there this year, and we Sky and snow adventures have decided to work out of the drop zone also.