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  1. Send email: is still available? Then send second email asking for more pictures from emailer Maria Cruz.
  2. I've just put a few jumps on my brand new Triathlon 175, and I have to say that I love it. For the record: my loading weight is 200lb and wit a canopy size of 175sqft my wing load is 1.14. First: the opening is very fast, as soon that you pull the canopy inflates in 5 secs and the slider comes right down, it doesn't brake your back or hurts in any way, but if you are used to a Safire 2 be ready to a quicker and obviously a little less soft opening. Opening is right ahead, no turns of deviations whatsoever: I pulled with the drop zone at 12 o'clock, and was still there when the canopy had fully opened. Turns: quick and fun, there is a lot to have fun with this baby, and I look forward to see what I can get out of it. Very easy to pilot and even if you open a little far from the landing area or if you have some winds working against you, using the breaks will get you back easily. Very stable in turbolence, really, this canopy can take a hit or two. Great flaring, plenty of room to get ready for final pull, nice soft glide and with a little wind you can tip-toe your way out of it. I suggest this canopy to skydivers fresh of the A licence because this canopy first it's much more affordable than others: the price of a new Triathlon is what you pay for a used Sabre 2. Second: I tried the Saber 2 and the Safire 2 before and I have more fun with the Triathlon. Third: because of the 7 cells I feel less slammed and more relaxed in strong wind situation or turbolence. Fourth: I've got better landings than with any of the other canopy that I've tried before. Fifth: why use something that everybody else use? Why not be a little original and try something different? It doesn't hurt, does it?