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  1. To get back to the point of the post... I live in South East London and find that I jump mainly at Sibson or Langar. Come to the London Skydivers Drinks (as Joellercoaster said: join the Facebook group) and you'll find a great crowd. We all jump at many different drop zones so you can grab a lift with someone and check some of them out for yourself. Everyone has a personal preference for what they're looking for in a DZ. I know some lovely Headcorn jumpers, the dz has great facilities but I've never had the chance to jump there despite it being the closest to me. For FS1 coaching, why not check out Chatteris? They have a great dz, have discounted tickets for FS1 coach jumps and have just bought a balloon!!!! They have some brilliant coaches (Mr Poxon on this thread is one) and their clubhouse is AMAZING! Believe it or not, you can actually avoid all the politics and have fun but there are a hardy few wherever you go that likes to have a moan. :) Hope to see you at the London skydiver drinks.
  2. Hey! Does anyone know if Skydivers Unite is still up and running? I've posted to the Facebook page but their website is down/gone and their email address [email protected] is generating delivery failure.
  3. Which one did you go for? I'm trying to choose between both as well.
  4. On my RAPS course I was told to 'push the bush' in order to arch properly. One example was - 'there's a massive penis coming through the letterbox especially for you. You can't open the door. You can't turn around. What do you do? PUSH THE BUSH'