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  1. I promise you I did not wear a rig. The first handle check in the plane when I got on my knees was 100% legit. Jon DeVore started laughing and shook his head saying no you don't. The handle check in free fall was an inside joke to the skydivers of the world. (I had no idea it would start a conspiracy theory which I love by the way) I had a mountain bike back protector on under my suit. The rig drama was real but I had my mind made up before I got in the plane and never got any info that the union had backed off. It would have been unsafe to land on the rig.(Notice the rig was off way before the show caught on) Thanks for having my back. I never check in here but wanted to see what fellow skydivers thought.
  2. number 3. is awesome I am not like that but that is awesome.
  3. If you can make stuff you always wanted to do happen without money then good on ya. Most people need sponsors to do stuff the right way plus to make a living. Gary with his wingsuit and boxes and Allen with his Google I have mad respect for. But my favorite is people talking trash that don't know me. I am just giving you shit to each his own. Luke
  4. I like the trash talking though lets pull Vickers license and his instructors too.
  5. I hardly ever check in on but I was sure that this was going to come up and wanted to see all the comments. I love the gossip. I set this whole thing up and have taken Brian on all but 3 of his jumps. I jumped through all of the hoops including clearing this with USPA. I am surprised no one has pointed out the large lake in the middle of the track and no water gear to be seen. It was called a dz for the day and it was a photo shoot. I have had many of the same type of landing over the years. Yes he flared a little late but when I landed in front of him on that one I must have slid 170ft almost taking a knee. I think it is a great promotion for our sport any time you get that many eyes on skydiving in a positive way it helps us all. Luke Aikins
  6. I got a call and was told to check out this thread I don't come on here very often and don't take myself very serious. But when I saw which way this thread was going I thought I would give you all what you want by fanning the fire a bit. I know how much people love to talk shit and I am always in for talking shit especially when it is about me because who knows more shit about me then me. Anyone who thinks this exit and drogue toss was intentional is an idiot and does not know me. If they have not ever had a bad exit and toss then they have not jumped enough. When you know that the ride is only going to get wilder some times you make a quick call and stop it, right or wrong you learn from your choice for the next time. Now lets talk more shit when they open the door of the plane from the inside it looks like a Caravan but when they jump it is an Otter whats up with that.
  7. Man you guys are right that guy is a shitty tandem instructor we should look at getting him in trouble. No better yet lets kick his ass. No better yet lets kill him. He is a member of the Red Bull team they do nothing to help the sport they just take and take and think the rules don't apply to them. We could just line them up and take them all out at once. I have seen almost all of that guys exits and they all suck just as bad.
  8. Hey Amazon, to answer your talk about the drogue I have been working on this project since May designing and testing the rig and other components. You will only see the drogue if there is a problem the rig I helped design does not require the drogue to open the canopy it is just there incase. Luke AikinsQuote