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  1. Maybe you're right, I don't know Sangi, but when he has no arguments, maybe you have some more. I don't know if Vector is the best rig on the market, but it is sure a good one. Like the mirage and others. The new features from UPT look very interesting. BASIK has a very interesting concept too and forward-looking features/design. Is it the most advanced on the market? I don't know.
  2. OK, maybe here (Germany): and here or here (France): and here And Maybe People from Pink-Skyvan can help you:, I think they also jump in Slovenia. Good Luck
  3. Where do you live in Europe? For Switzerland:
  4. what their stuff is like, I can tell you in about one month
  5. here's the other address:
  6. try I found another course some months ago, but I can't find it right now. Where are you from?
  7. If there is a paypal account, I would like to send you some bucks, but checks from Switzerland... And please, let us know how this ended and what USPA decided to do. Sorry for my spelling...
  8. nofun

    Suunto Core

    Thank you Mike for this information. It's good to know the Core is used by skydivers. I've read about this switching mode on the suunto website (as a feature) and I think this could be a problem for skydiving - I'm not sure if it really is...
  9. nofun

    Suunto Core

    Thank you for your answers and the Link to the other thread. But I can't find any information about the Core-Series from suunto. The core-watches have some new features like switching automatically from alti-mode to the barometer/weather-mode. This is not good idea for skydiving, but I think you can lock the mode to one or another mode. Has anyone experience suunto core watches?
  10. nofun

    Suunto Core

    Has anyone experience with suunto core watch for skydiving? I know there are several posts about suunto watches and if it's a good using them or not for skydiving. I'm interested to use a watch for outdoor activities and as a secondary altimeter (especially for canopy piloting). There are people using suunto vector and some other models, but I never heard of someone using the never core-series. Who's experience with the suunto core?
  11. Hi Flying Squirrel, did you get your NRG and did you some jumps? Are you happy with this canopy? Maybe you can post an update here and tell about your experience with that new parachute.
  12. Salut Jérôme, you can give me a good price to ? seriously, what I can see about the seven on the basik website looks good and makes me really curious about it. But I can't find any reviews or "independent" information about this rig. If you browse manufacturer websites you will find on every site how special they are and why they are better than others. Has anyone experience with that gear? Maybe french people?
  13. nofun

    PD 190 to ZP

    Update: I made 2 jumps with a Silhouette 190 and 2 jumps with a Pilot 188 a few days ago. If I had to choose from one of them, I would choose a Silhouette, I think. They differ not as much as I thought but I think the flare of the Silhouette is more predictable and more linear than the flare of the Pilot (and it is really easy to pack). But I only made 2 jumps with each of these canopies, so I don’t know if my conclusion is right. It would be nice to demo a PD Storm, a Spectre, a Icarus Omega and a Safire... I think I will stick with a 190, although these ZP canopies didn’t seem to be much more challenging than my PD 190 (I had perfect conditions for the demojumps). Maybe I will try a 170 just for comparison (under good conditions), but as I do not much jumps each year, I will stay on the safe side with lower wing loading.
  14. nofun

    PD 190 to ZP

    I have the chance to demo a Silhouette 190 and a Pilot 188 in 2 weeks. I'm very curious about their characteristics. It's not easy to find out what the canopies are like without demoing them myself. Reading the reviews is like every canopy is better than all others. But if I see right, the Pilot is more zippy and has more performance than the Silhouette while the Silhouette is easier to fly and more forgiving (and easier to pack