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  1. Don't worry. I probably won't even be thinking about guns at all while in Reno. It'll be friends, fun, and skiing! Walt
  2. waltappel

    Define "perv"

    You callin me a perv?? Hey, *I* think you're a perv! Walt
  3. Fuck football. I'm finish plans for a trip to Reno, cleaning guns, and looking at AK-47 websites! Later, I'm gonna play some guitar. Walt
  4. waltappel

    Define "perv"

    Nothin' like free advertising! Walt
  5. Wow! I didn't know you could do it yourself. How do you dispose of the chemicals? Walt
  6. For real!!! My concern with Parkerizing, though, is that I choose to get some metal etching with fine detail, I don't want it damaged by the Parkerizing process. Walt It becomes part of the steel, it is not a coating that will hide the engraving at all. Any engraving you have done should not be done in such a fine line, get it done in a way that will look good, and yet not be so fine as to make it hard to distinguish what it is. I understand about Parkerizing not being a coating, but since it is an acid-dip process, I see it as a tradeoff between a GREAT durable treatment for corrosion prevention and the ability to have some detailed 3-d etching done. This won't really become an issue until I decide on the etching I want. Walt
  7. For real!!! My concern with Parkerizing, though, is that I choose to get some metal etching with fine detail, I don't want it damaged by the Parkerizing process. Walt
  8. Well since it got moved to SC, I might as well add a cool link. Walt
  9. Yeah, everyone knows that "in the white" receivers are built by KKK guys. Walt
  10. Choose one--you can't have both. Walt Are you trying to get everything bumped to SC today? I was impulsive in posting that. Sorry. It was, and still is, my honest opinion but it's SC material for sure. Walt
  11. Being Skydiving's Biggest Asshole® and all, I've actually done this. Does that make me a bad person? Walt
  12. Choose one--you can't have both. Walt
  13. This receiver looks like it really rocks! Anyone have any experience with it or have any suggestions on what I should look for and what questions I should ask? Walt
  14. Didn't you post a while back that chargers (as in charger plates) rock? That really knocked me for a loop. I don't even know what chafing dishes are and think I'd rather not know. Did you not get the memo that guys don't deal with those kinds of things? Walt
  15. Dave, I'm walking a thin line here trying to not get this thread moved to Speakers Corner, so bear with me. I do not see the havoc wreaked by drugs on a daily basis (like you do) but I understand that substance abuse is a horrendous thing. I choose not to use any intoxicants at all. With the vehicle pursuit, foot chase, and fight, I can understand he deserves time for putting others at risk by doing that stuff. I don't understand the whole drug dealer scenario, though. Do drug dealers tend to also regularly commit non-drug-related crimes that impact society? Meth labs *clearly* put others at risk of exposure to explosions, fire, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. That makes them dangerous to society and prime candidates for prison, IMO. What about the people who do not manufacture meth, but just sell it? Do they tend to put the public at risk also, or generally is their criminal activity limited to financial transactions involving drugs? Same for crack dealers, heroin dealers, and other types of drug dealers. Walt
  16. Dave, my heart goes out to you for being one of the people who has to clean up the mess at fatalities. On the other topic, though, why was taking the drug dealer off the streets considered a good thing. Was it *that* drug dealer specifically or would taking *any* drug dealer off the street being a good thing? I'm not trying to set up an argument or anything. I just have no concept of what impact, if any, drug dealers have on our society. Walt
  17. I haven't personally tried it or researched it but it's generally easy to find some awesome rebate deals on it. Walt
  18. I've had plenty of guys make offers to my GF to pack malfunctions for me! Fuckers. Walt
  19. Hey I like that idea, but since I don't play guitar, how about some jazz on my saxaphone....I'm not sure my neighbors would appreciate it, but WTF, the kid across the street plays drums for hours on end. Just say, "Oh hell yes!!!!!"
  20. I predict I won't be watching it. Walt
  21. I find that drinking myself into a stupor, focusing on how worthless my miserable existence is, and contemplating offing myself helps pass the time quite nicely. Or play some guitar. Depends on my mood, I guess. Walt