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  1. skyentology


    Just recently started a thread in reference to At'mong'nauti in the Freefly Forum (without doing my research first). That particular thread has since been appropriately locked. It seems that the majority of the issues raised have been thoroughly examined within this particular forum; but god knows why, as even the most competent practitioner of Atmonauti can hardly consider themselves, in the classical sense, as an instructor (I.e. Atmo not being a formal discipline. Just another form of skydiving etc..) Despite the malapropos location of this thread I would still like to continue using it to further examine the nature of the Atmonauti phenomenon and why so much unjustifiable reverence is poured upon the discipline and its founders. Is the devotion to Atmonauti comparable to mild idolatry? If so, what are the contributory factors. I aint got time to bleed!
  2. What’s the big deal with Atmonauti???? Everybody is going off about this particular type of skydiving. It seems that anyone that disagrees with the atmo doctrine is committing some sort of blasphamonauti. What is it with these guys and why are they so devout in the silly belief that Atmo is no longer skydiving but real flying? Where’s the evidence, hard data, collected without bias? And why is questioning its origins / dynamics, tantamount to pissing on some sort of Holy Scripture? Surely it’s just another subsection of Freeflying, the original concept of total body flight, that already covers the mysterious and supernatural manifestation of, dare I say it out loud without the required reverence, Atmonauti? Your thoughts please, for and against this particular phenomenon. I aint got time to bleed!