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  1. SStewart

     Dave Dewolf

    CELEBRATION OF LIFE for our beloved Handsome Dave - June 29, 2019 at Maytown Sport Parachute Club. MSPC is located at Donegal Springs Airpark (N71), 188 Airport Road, Marietta, PA 17356. The celebration will begin at 3:00PM. at 4:00 there will be an ash drop at the Susquehanna River. Transportation will be arranged at MSPC as we will need to carpool. We return to the airport afterwards. Dave is providing the beer and Harvey's Bar-B-Q will be catering. Trudy extends her thanks to all for the well wishes and offers of assistance. ~from The Herd Facebook page
  2. SStewart

     Dave Dewolf

    Dave had many "saves" himself and when you multiply that by all the riggers he trained the numbers would be in the thousands. A life well lived.
  3. SStewart

    Email from an attorney .

    Wendy: My guess is they looked up S&TA info from the USPA data base. Mark: Can I use that? Ha!
  4. Any body else get one of these? The attorney is from New York Fucking ambulance chasers.
  5. SStewart

    Dealing with high shock loading

    Yes! Simple solution; magnets on the slider stops. Tabs could work as well, similar to slider locks on the risers but sewn on the slider stops instead. This would certainly help to keep the slider in place during the packing process.
  6. SStewart


  7. SStewart

    steel rings tacked in riser?

    I would guess someone tacked a soft link with rings in the riser and then cut the link off leaving the ring in place. Just remove the tack and pull the ring out.
  8. SStewart

    New Oregon drop zone!

    Mulino, really? You could not find an airport closer to Mollala or Eagle creek? Ha!
  9. Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? I mean really, you might want to think about this.
  10. It has been discussed for decades. The closest we ever got was the olympic rings demo in 1988. Skydiving has been a demonstration sport at other olympics I believe. The problem is skydiving is not really a good live spectator sport. I think the best prospect would be Para-Ski at the winter olympics. Almost every european country that competes in the winter olympics can field a PS team, although Para-ski seems to have lost popularity here in the US in recent times. I don't even know if we have a nationals anymore?
  11. SStewart

    Buying Used Cypress--What to Look for?

    Get the serial number and contact SSK. They can tell you if the 4 year or eight year service has been done, when the unit will expire and if it is listed as stolen. From the seller ask when the last battery change was done. On the Cypres 1 it needs to be replaced every 2 years or 500 jumps. On the Cypres 2 it is replaced at the 4 year and 8 year service.
  12. SStewart

    Steve VanCleave

    On the ground after the jump or what? Steve was a buddy of mine, jumped with him many times. Very sad to hear this. Edit to ad, I have been told he collapsed after landing. His last skydive was a success.
  13. SStewart

    Bail out, or land with the plane?

    So from 9.5 to 3 the pilot just glides along and says nothing? Not likely.
  14. SStewart

    Joan Carson, "Beagle Boogie Babe"

    Wow, lots of familiar faces in those clips. Back in the 80's I made lots of jumps down at Beagle Sky Ranch and still good friends with Rodney Holberton and know his dad George as well. Haven't been to the LP boogie in years but might have to go this year just to see the movie. Will this be available in DVD?
  15. SStewart

    Skydiving songs

    Every year at lost prairie the crack choir and the cock chorus sing a large play list of tunes. I remember the lyrics posted somewhere awhile back.