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  1. I'm on a sabre 2 170 loaded at about 1.3:1, I often have closed end cells. Second the advice to properly quarter your slider! It's a great, responsive canopy. Be safe, explore it, and let us know how it goes!
  2. Simple, easy advice to help avoid having to chop. Love it!
  3. Welcome!! Congrats on the A license, keep at it!
  4. There is actually now a lot of snow on the ground today. Just yesterday no snow and it was seeming like spring weather was finally coming, but now today it seems just like winter again. So it looks like I may have to wait a weekend or two before I can even think about trying to go again. The program I am in is called the Gradual Freefall program. The idea with it is that we slowly go higher and higher up. The point is to ensure good canopy skills first, over gaining the freefall skills first. I believe I do 2-4 static line jumps first then move up to 4500 ft and I deploy myself. After a couple of those jumps I move up a little higher and work on other skills. We just keep progressing like that until eventually I'm doing things at 10000 ft. I feel like I'll love freefall more than the canopy, but I haven't done it yet so I honestly can't say if that will be true until I get to jump! Welcome aboard! If you've flown in the tunnel, you have an idea of what freefall is like. I had some time in the tunnel before I jumped the first time and it was by far the most fun thing I'd ever done. The actual feeling of freefall is AMAZING. Canopy flight is fun too, but for me freeflying is where it's at. Have fun, stay safe, and keep us posted on the progress!
  5. Great vid man! Loving the progress, and I extra appreciate that you put in a few wipeouts. Cause they happen!
  6. Re-freaking-lax! I've never heard it put as "smile" but I like that. If that's it, then absolutely. But relax :)
  7. Gatorz for when you get off student status. The Magnum, great for everyday wear and jumping w a variety of helmets. During student status? Sorz goggles or Flexvision. The ticket!
  8. So I show up with two buddies who wanted to do tandems, and I was hoping to get on the same lift. I don't have my gear with me, and hadn't jumped there before, but the staff were very helpful in getting us all squared away and on the same lift. Their rental gear is in great shape, the staff are very friendly and even though busy the staff were willing to go the extra mile in helping us get all out paperwork filled out manifested. We had a bit to wait as there was a lot of people jumping, but the two tandem instructors were really friendly, talked my buddies through their dive plans, and then sat around and BS'd with us till our time to jump. Minimal wait time from when we loaded the trailer, headed out to the runway, and loaded the plane. Only got to 9k AGL due to cloud cover, but still a great jump. By the time we landed and made it back to the hangers, manifest had already credited our accounts a few dollars since we didn't get up to 12.5, which we'd purchased the lift tickets for. Great experience start to finish!!! Mile High Skydiving is now my home away from home.