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  1. Our experienced 4-way team is looking for one team mate to join us for the 2010 season to train the full dive pool and compete at USPA Nationals 2010. On average, the current team members have been training/jumping together for 2+ years, and have over 2,000 skydives. The team is based at Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio, and is coached by Niklas Hemlin. We're targeting 200 training skydives this summer, plus tunnel training as well. Past 4-way experience with the full 4-way dive pool is necessary, preferably with center slot experience. We are a focused team during training, but also look forward to and enjoy relaxing with our skydiving friends after the training day is done. To inquire further, please respond to flattrack4@dropzone.com Blue Skies!
  2. flattrack4

    Start Skydiving

    Start Skydiving is just a great DZ. The very professional staff knows how to get their jobs done right, and have fun at the same time, giving both students and experienced jumpers a DZ experience they will remember and want to come back to time after time. And never fear, RW is alive and well at Start. The National Skydiving League 4-way competitions have been re-invigorated by a combination of Team Fastrax members and experienced local RW jumpers. These people love RW and 4-way, and can't wait to help teams of any skill level improve their performance and have fun. Need 4-way coaching? Just ask and you'll get it. DZO John Hart and Team Fastrax members are available and ready and willing to help. Whether its figuring out your next 4-way exit, planning your next tunnel camp, or on-going coaching for experienced 4-way competitors who want to learn the latest and greatest 4-way techniques, Start Skydiving accommodates all your 4-way team needs.