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  1. I fully agree with Indyz method. I've done tandem, AFF and X-ways videos from this position. I'd recommend wearing gloves as sometimes the door frame has a sharp edge or two.
  2. Not a Rigger, but I did video a Tandem reserve blowing up between cells 7 & 8 many years ago. The only thing holding the cells together was the binding tape on the nose and tail. Danger
  3. two incidents come to mind. After a successful jump I gathered my chute and lines and started waling back to the hanger. I tripped over my own feet, fell forward and put out my hand to break the fall. Broken right thumb. Still jumped with a full cast from elbow to fingers. The funnier one was when I was checking the C182 one winter day. The plane was parker outside and I would check it periodically as I lived very close to the DZ. Walking out to the plane I did my standard head duck as I approached the wing. Totally forgot I was walking on about 6 inches of snow. Forehead into the wing flap and straight onto my back. Ended up with a diamond shaped cut in the middle of my forehead. Danger
  4. What are Canadians thankful for ... Not being Americans. Danger
  5. The red tip on the end of the barrel doesn't help in low light conditions, nor when viewed from the side. My incident took place almost 30 years ago. My MP5 water gun was sitting on the passenger seat when I was pulled over. The cop looked through my car window, saw the gun, stepped back and drew his weapon. Lesson learned. I now transport all weapons in trunk covered with a blanket. Toy guns should never be used outside anymore. Danger
  6. This is not the first time this has happened and won't be the last. Hell, something very similar took place on an episode of Hill Street Blues 30 years ago. I have stared down a LEO's gun barrel when he saw my water gun sitting on the seat beside me during a traffic stop. I am sure if I reached for it I would be dead right now. And this would be 100% my fault. And saying that getting wounded or killed is part of a LEO's job description is just plain wrong! Danger
  7. There were also black licorice pipes with small red candy 'beads' for embers. I've found both in candy shops. Danger
  8. Yup, still active. Here's the email I received on Sept 22nd. Thanks for the mail. Great, this is exactly what I need and I'd really like to pay you in cash at hand but right now , I want the item but i live in NY. I can overnight the payment to you Perhaps, given my job as a set administrator for a movie. We move from one location to another, so am just very used to buying and would make arrangements for it to be picked up after you must have confirmed payment with your bank. So my means of payment will be Certified Cashier check,which is more secured and better than any other means of payment. I'm okay with the price so that you consider it sold to me including transport logistics fee. The pick up will be effected by my transporter after you have confirmed the payment cleared to Danger
  9. This user is still active. The idiot sent me a message yesterday trying to buy my complete rig. Apparently he lists his occupation as "Set Administrator for a movie" and the pickup "will be effected by my transporter". Hmmmm, I wonder if Jason Statham is going to show up in a nice Audi. Danger
  10. I saw this on MMA Junkie. Looks like a joke to me. I can just see the report now. Full Contact Skydiver died after submission move incapacitates their right arm. Or even knocked unconscious. Danger
  11. I puchased on Amazon Canada. This will be my Kindle read on my vacation in 3 weeks. Can't wait. Danger
  12. I am 47 years old and have a resting heart rate of 52. I haven't worked out since highschool. I am 30lbs overweight and can barely touch my knees bending over. I believe my low resting heart rate can be attributed to my many years of sitting comatose on a couch watching tv. Whenever I've been tested the nurses always ask "do you run marathons?" I answer, "Nope, but I jump out of planes. Danger
  13. He made the same offer to me. Here's part of it. "I love to have the (Canopy) as soon as possible that's why i suggest to proceed on purchasing it. The (Canopy) will be transported" ... He's too fucking lazy to copy and paste the "(Canopy)" from the ad! But he did manage to copy the asking price! Danger
  14. I use and love Smugmug too. Thumbs up.