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  1. I have been wingsuiting so far with my Stiletto 150. I wish to upsize my canopy and want something I can use with large wingsuit that will fit into my container. I am 84kg naked, experienced skydiver but getting old and not jumping so much anymore (<50 jumps a year). Looking for reliable opening, good and easy landing. I am considering the WinX and have several options: WinX 150 (100% ZP) WinX Hybrid 170 (ZP extrados only) WinX light 190 (ZP LE only) Any feedback on this canopy? Any size recommendation? Thanks
  2. I whish to buy a trouble-free SD card 16GB, what specification should I look at? Any brand or reference? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way I can order one right now and get it before Nov 25? How? I am in South-Carolina. Thanks.
  4. yes red loop is the release for the Zkulls.
  5. Here it is... TonFly Fulkron + Box (Zkulls) black matt Sony cx-100e Century .55 lens HypEye D Pro Cut-away system
  6. Here is the email reply I got from B&H (different from yours): "The Century 0DS-55WA-37 wide angle adapter accepts 43mm filters. You can get the Hoya 43mm Introductory Filter Kit - Ultraviolet (UV), Circular Polarizer, Warming Filter (Intensifier) and Nylon Pouch …/... The 37mm is the rear of the lens, that is the part that connects to the camcorder. The diameter of the front of the lens is 43mm so you need to get a 43mm filter."
  7. DSE I may need your help... I am trying to buy a PAL-50Hz HDR-CX105EB in the US. B&H has a HDR-CX100BE, which seems to be European standard friendly; here is the email from B&H Sales Department: "I am not familiar with the European HDR-CX105. The European version of the HDR-CX100B is the HDR-CX100BE; it is probably the same as the 105 but I am not 100% sure. " Do you know what is the difference between the HDR-CX100BE and the HDR-CX105EB? May I expect any problem using a HDR-CX100BE in my home country (France)? Thanks.
  8. Thanks DSE. I checked B&H and found a PAL camcorder (Non USA) ‘Mfr # HDR-CX100BE’. Is this really the same as the European 'HDR-CX105EB'? No findings on Armato's website; will ask via email.
  9. I would like to buy the European version HDR-CX105 online for a delivery in the US. Can anybody help me with a website that would do that? Thanks.
  10. Together with the Century .55 lens I wish to order a filter from B&H to protect the lens and eventually enhance colors. Can anyone give me some advice for the filter reference to purchase? Thanks.
  11. depth (mm) x height (mm) x width (mm) HXR-MC1 'Camera Head' 86,5 x 42,5 x 37 HDR-CX105 107 x 60 x 55 delta 20,5 x 17,5 x 18
  12. Looking for an audible altimeter recording freefall time and freefall speed for wingsuit flight. Am I correct saying there are only two available on the market: Pro-Track and Neptune? What is the best choice and why? Thanks