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  1. I cant be bothered to look up the reference, but as I remember, round and square is a very stable configuration. You do not need to cut away, although the reserve will be flying behind the main and will probably not interfere if you do cutaway. Remster Muff 914
  2. Remster


    Hey Zennie! Give poor ole Clay a break.. Maybe he wanted to understand the dream with more details.. its not uncommun for people to be naked in their dreams, it implies a certain vulnerability and innocence... Then again, maybe its Clay being a perv.... Remster Muff 914
  3. Because if in your mind you tell yourself that you have more time to take care of a mal, you might just bounce trying to fix a problem instead of doing the going through the emergency procedures.... Remster Muff 914
  4. Encouraged for what reason: the play around with the canopy? yes, on that one I totally agree. To give themselves 2 more try for the BOC (beyond the try once, twice, then silver) ? How about 4 more tries? How about 6? To take more time to pull right and left? I'm sure you'll agree its bad juju to think that way. As a novice, she probably opens fairly high (then again, maybe not.. do you Sky? heck, maybe your not a novice and its just new equipment and a new ZP). If its a new rig, do a bunch of practice pull on the ground, and then the 1st jump should have a few of those too. But opening higher with the mindset that the extra altitude is to take care of a mal? still think its not a good idea... Remster Muff 914
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    Cutaway results

    Come on! Fandango! granted, the skydiving sequence is short, but the First Jump Course sequence alone is worth the rental price, and then some!
  6. cant blame me for trying....
  7. Now you've done it.. I can take plenty, but implicating my lovely wife isnt on the menu.... so back to newbie I go (I was looking for an excuse to start fresh.....) Remi Muff 914