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  1. You freaks are slacking with the posts.... Sit flyers just set 2 world records this week in Eloy: a 55 way on Thursday, and then a 72 way yesterday! Awesome job everyone! Remster
  2. Do you understand what the not-sewn technique is? Remster
  3. Rule of thumb when estimating manpower cost: take the salary,and add 100% for overhead (benefits, etc...). So double it. Remster
  4. Those who knew him won't forget him for a long long time.... Darel passed away yesterday in Bangkok. He's been such a fixture in our sport and community, he's gonna leave a huge hole. BSBD buddy. Remster
  5. 1 pic. 2 pages of blabla. More pics. Less blabla. Remster
  6. Tunnel flying is fun and all, but ... Not. Even. Close. Remster
  7. they're like 200km apart Seoul and Pyongyang are 200km apart. Does that make them "same thing" ? Kiwi's are notoriously bad at geography. Remster
  8. Don't know about their balloons, but the ones I've been in for jumping climb just about as fast as a twin otter. Ever been in an aircraft that had to stop climbing and just hold altitude for a few or more minutes? Did your altimeter cope with that just fine? Thought so. Thought so what? You must have one finicky altimeter..... Remster
  9. Don't know about their balloons, but the ones I've been in for jumping climb just about as fast as a twin otter. Remster
  10. Considering that the PC gets on the ground on every single jump, I'd be hesitant to use any kind of lube on it in the desert. Remster
  11. Although it's nice to know where everyone is behind you, I feel it's also very important to watch where you're going. If anything is going to kill you while you're tracking, it will probably be out in front, down below you. An open canopy, or a jumper tracking the same direction getting ready to pull, or a jumper from another group who exited too soon after you. I would advise looking forward and below more than back.
  12. Why? Are you affraid to overload your canopy? Have at least two in my opinion. Skydiver to CRW dog: "Why do you have 2 hook knives?" CRW dog: "Because I'll probably drop the first one. Damn! I must have dropped #3 and 4 in the hangar" FIFY Remster
  13. Can we go back to the Egyptian grain silos? Remster
  14. Some dude is doing something on Costa Rica in Feb. I dunno if I'd trust him: he's a LA Kings fan. (Grimmie is the one organizing it
  15. The "star" round of the US nationals 10way speed will be from the DC3 this week. Remster
  16. Don't expect the PIC to know all the rules and details around rigs either. Also, if you go that route, and the PIC says no, you have no recourse. That's it. Also, we should all be thankful of the work done by Airtec, AAD, and various skydiving associations that allows us to carry on rigs. Before anyone else complains about TSA types reacting to what's in the cutter, you should educate yourselves as to what goes in there... Hint: it ain't levers and pulleys. Remster
  17. The black coating used on the RI rig I have has lasted two years with no marks. Remster
  18. Nice rant. This was in Phoenix. Remster
  19. Skydive Arizona would also be a good option. There are several brits flying direct to Phoenix. Weather is never guaranteed anywhere, but, you have a better chance of getting straight jumping days one after another there. Bunkhouse on the DZ is cheap. Team rooms are less cheap but roomy. You can get ticket blocks for cheaper prices. The xmas boogie has reduced price tickets too, tho I wouldn't necessarily recommend someone who just finished their A license to go to one of the US busiest boogies. The Skyventure tunnel onsite is one of the cheapest in the US. You can get a shuttle from the airport and never leave ;-) Remster
  20. No Caveman Ranch? That place is awesome. Moab, in itself, is absolutely gorgeous. If you can stay at the Lazy Lizard Hostel in a private cabin for about $35. We've been doing 2 otter loads a day at sunset into Sorel Ranch this year. Its breathtaking. Remster
  21. So, in 80 jumps, you managed to explore and master the entire flight envelope of the 150 you currently have? Remster
  22. I'll be there, herding RW cats! You all should come! Remster
  23. I have even less of a dog in the fight (well, maybe lol.. all I know is I know nothing about the details or the people involved), but ATC restrictions happen. I'd bet that on Long Island, it would not be uncommon. Remster
  24. That. Also: You're not a whuffo aymore. Don't say chute. Say canopy. Remster